– “decide what in your life you want to be and what you do best – use this as a guideline for your presentation and post title so that you are authentic and real
– create impactful content that will be remembered.
– what you believe in, whom you aspire to be or who you want to help – use this as a guideline to create an interesting story about yourself, your projects, your life – and let the audience be interested enough to read it
– create content that’s deeply meaningful – remember to use a mixture of text and visual items
– create content that explains your life, what you do, why you do it and how it effects others and the world at large
– create a compelling outline that incorporates your content and visual ideas – it helps to lead you through the presentation – give yourself permission to think
– be thoughtful, creative and do not be short with the audience – there is value in being thoughtful and creative, but if you go into the presentation with a checkbook mentality and you really want to spend your time with an audience, then this may not be the presentation for you
– create a plan of what you want to say, how you want to say it and how the audience will react – remember that it’s not about you, it’s about them, their lives and how they are influenced by the work that you do
– create a vision that communicates the values of your work in a meaningful way to your audience.
– communicate why your work matters and why the audience should care – this presentation needs to be more than you talking to them
– this is a presentation, not a sales pitch – it’s time to educate, inform and help
– use images, gifs and other media to convey what you want to convey – be transparent about your work
– use your visuals as a device to get your point across – don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty – storyboards and creative illustrations can help you to tell the story of your message and how it connects with your audience
– avoid slide sliders unless you have a truly stunning content – why make a slide with a slider if it doesn’t change your message
– use your content to inspire and connect with your audience – remember to be authentic – engage them with your heart and soul
– your message is what you are presenting to your audience – don’t just tell them about your work – inspire them to take action
– the presentation is about how you connect with your audience – let them see your compassion, determination 384a16bd22

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Xaml Helpmeet helps you create XAML documents and edit XAML documents at ease. You can drag and drop a view to a control to create XAML documents and directly add views to controls. To easily edit XAML documents, you can drag and drop controls to it and, you can use the built-in tabular designer to directly edit controls.
Major Features:
* Drag and Drop view, control, page to a XAML document to create, or directly add to controls to create XAML documents.
* Tabular Designer, which is a XAML design tool for XAML, that allow you to directly edit controls.
* Editing controls with the visual designer.
* Preview XAML documents on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.
* Help support you quickly and easily creating and editing XAML documents.
* Import and export XAML documents to various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Mac OS.
* Manage XAML documents and their various versions.
* You can create, edit and deploy XAML documents with a single click and it will also update the source code.
* Templates are also provided, and you can use it to quickly create XAML documents.
Please contact me if there is any feature you are interested in that isn’t listed here.


One way to get the Tabular Designer is to install Fody.
The Fody NuGet package allows you to add Fody packages into your project.
Here are some of the Tabular Designer packages that are available:

Microsoft.Fody.Design 1.3.4
Microsoft.Fody.Design.System 1.0.0
Microsoft.Fody.Nuget 1.3.4
Microsoft.Fody.Tools.ProjectModel 1.3.4
Microsoft.Fody.XamlDesign 1.0.0

Add one or all of these to your project.
Then follow the instructions in the MSDN documentation:


I have used that, but it doesn’t allow you to make tables and then edit it, it is good for live editing.
You have to create a new tabular designer for each table.


Java System.out