▶ FotoFinish is a reliable and easy to use application that allows you to design, edit and print any photo in just a couple of minutes. The application gives you the possibility to improve the quality of certain digital photos, by adding special effects, fixing red-eye exposure or cropping and resizing them.
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MegaZip 1.00 –
Multimedia & Design/Archives/Rip & Convert… MegaZip is a powerful Windows archiving solution which uses the free LZX compression and archives. With the help of the program, you can quickly and easily create ZIP and RAR archives which contain up to four gigabytes of files. The program allows you to create dynamic archives based on multiple files or folders and enables you to search for them in a file. All your archived files are stored in a single folder, which can be renamed and moved to any other place.
· Create ZIP and RAR archives
· Create dynamic archives based on any files or folders
· Fast and easy searching for any archived files in the archive
· Zipping and decompressing archives
· Strong AES-256 encryption for security
· Supports of all popular compression methods
· Supports of dynamic compression, for creating a ZIP archive from multiple files
· Supports of dynamic unpacking, for creating a RAR archive from multiple files
· Supports of multiple archives
· Extensible architecture
· Supports of archives with compression, uncompression and encryption
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iVideorecorder 1.0 –
Multimedia & Design/Video… iVideorecorder is a simple and small to use digital video recorder. It supports video recording from DV, MPEG, AVI, VCD, SVCD and DVD sources, and saves it to DV, MPEG, AVI, VCD, SVCD and DVD files. In addition, you can export videos to the Internet or save them to a hard disk. iVideorecorder allows you to use the built-in or external microphone for recording. It also supports digital audio recording from MP3, WMA and other formats.
iVideorecorder provides powerful options and features for capturing video in various formats, and it also offers you the ability to quickly edit and organize your recordings. The program supports multiple file formats, including DV, MPEG, AVI, VCD, SVCD and DVD, and it supports the following video formats: DVD (DVC eea19f52d2


PassRec PDF Password Remover is designed to remove and decode PDF documents password.
Use PassRec PDF Password Remover to remove a document’s password and read the PDF document with this password removed.
HOW TO ACTIVATE PassRec PDF Password Remover:
1. Extract the PassRec PDF Password Remover file to any folder.
2. Launch the PassRec PDF Password Remover application.
3. Click on the “Add File” button, select your PDF file and click “Open”.
4. Select the attack mode, either “Mask Attack” or “Combination Attack”.
5. Enter the Password to decrypt the PDF file.
If the password is wrong, the attack will be unsuccessful and the PassRec PDF Password Remover application will show you the decrypted file.

Award-winning McAfee Anti-Virus Plus ensures the highest level of protection of all personal, business, and enterprise PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Built with you in mind and loaded with new features and innovations, McAfee Anti-Virus Plus brings you peace of mind that is just plain smart.

Dragon Encryption for Mac is an app designed to protect you from the dangers of online privacy threats. You will be able to secure your Mac from potential hackers, identity thieves, and spyware. With Dragon Encryption for Mac, you are able to shred your digital information to make it completely invisible to any potential threats.

Premium Crypter is a powerful data encryption software program designed to make it much harder for hackers to break into your computer, phone, tablet, or smartphone. It is a very effective, easy-to-use, and safe means of encrypting files. You can use it to encrypt data files such as passwords, photos, documents, presentations, and videos on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

It’s been a long time since I last reviewed any of the other password crackers from Kaegebein, but in the intervening years they’ve come up with some fantastic products. Previously seen on our blog as I KEEP LOCKED! reviewed is the K32 Password Recovery Kit. This is a very handy little USB flash drive that contains everything you need to get your passwords back.

Using a password manager is the best way to keep your computer safe from hackers,