In this way, you can easily access the high quality sound, which is usually reserved for professional recording studios. The effects provided in Voxengo Boogenx are generally used by guitar players who want to produce their own recordings.
It doesn’t matter whether you play an acoustic or electric guitar, and you will find that Voxengo Boogex comes with features that will suit all your requirements. There are even presets for acoustic guitar sounds as well.

After working with a plethora of different guitar amps, I’m here to tell you that this guitar amplifier is one of the best. It’s no doubt that this product is one of Voxengo’s best, as it features everything you’re looking for in a guitar amplifier: versatility, power, good sound and a fair price.
The first thing that you should know about Voxengo Boogenx is that it’s a versatile product. This amplifier is not only good for acoustic guitar playing, but it can also be used with electric guitars. It has a very powerful output of up to 50 watts, which means you won’t have to worry about creating very loud sounds on your electric guitar.
So, if you’re a solo guitarist or a band that plays live shows, you will need a guitar amplifier that’s able to handle the volume and power of your electric guitar.
The sound of Voxengo Boogenx is of good quality. The processing method is different from other products, so you can expect to hear sounds that are unique to this device.
It’s also worth noting that you can customize the sound using the highly customizable presets. However, these presets are not a great choice for electric guitar players because they have very low gain levels. You’ll want to use the built-in effects instead to get an incredible sound.
One other important thing you should know about Voxengo Boogenx is the price. You will find that this product is on the pricier side, but if you’re a beginner who’s in need of a guitar amplifier, it’s definitely worth it.

The DE201 is a compact stereo headphone amplifier with frequency response of 20Hz to 20 kHz and a gain of 100 x. You can use this head amp with any type of headphones. The electronic volume control allows you to set the audio gain to your liking. The stereo headphone jack allows you to connect your headphones or ear phones eea19f52d2

PlanetWilson have developed a SharePoint colour calendar package. This package provides a solution to provide colour coding on a SharePoint calendar list. This solution is for SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and offers a fully configurable option to customise the calendars, to create your own colour system, or to use their default system.
A traditional colour scheme is just that; a scheme. It’s the colours themselves that affect the user, not the dates or content. PlanetWilson have therefore created a system that is based upon the human psyche, and works within the context of the organisation where it’s being used.
Colours, the way they’re used, and the order they’re used, offer important information. Which is why PlanetWilson have designed their calendar system to utilise these important details.
Click the following link to download the PlanetWilson SharePoint colour calendar package:

Welcome to the SharePoint, Social Media and blogs YouTube channel
In this video we will discuss the new updates in the SharePoint, Social Media and blogs portal. We will also demonstrate the new usability features and how it looks. Make sure you watch till the end to be able to see the changes live. For more details and to get started please visit

published:21 Feb 2014

Website design – 2

In this video we will learn about the website design. We have started the lesson by defining the terms and its meaning. The steps to create a website from scratch are also covered. This includes methods, tools, and programs that are used to build a website.
In this video we are explaining about website design and data driven website development. This includes tools to create a website, tools to use in web design and concepts such as objects, pages, and page templates.

published:28 Jan 2017

Get our new website design for free!
We have designed a new website for you.
The new website has more features than the old one but also much easier to use.
Let us know if you have any feedback or if we forgot any features.
Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this video.

published:23 Jun 2017

Multi Talent – Your Design Agency

published:17 Nov 2014

The PlanetWilson SharePoint Colour Calendar package provides a solution to