In an ideal world, you’d never need to code anything. All you’d have to do is create an idea and share it. That’s not how things work today, and if you’re like the majority of game developers, you’re a gamer. You spend more time coding than playing your games. If you’re currently looking for a game engine that lets you code and create rather than fight the editor’s quirks, you’ll find it here.KeyFeatures: *Flexible editor. The engine was designed from the ground up to be flexible. Most of the tools at your disposal are scriptable, and all the editors are easily edited in other ways. *Extensible. As the engine’s strengths are mentioned, they cover areas where the engine falls short. KeyMacro is built with extensibility in mind. The engine is designed to grow along with you. *Scalable. No matter how much you want to work with your game, you can do it. And if you want to experiment with massive worlds, or just testing out your ideas, you can do that with KeyMacro as well. *Powerful and configurable. With KeyMacro’s powerful scripting language, there’s no limits to what you can create. With everything at your disposal, creating your own content is easier than ever before. *Open. Everything is open-source and it shows. With all of the code made freely available, you’re free to learn how the engine works, and to create games. With options for various cloud services, this is also a great way to work collaboratively. *Support for multiple platforms and web-based platforms. KeyMacro’s cross-platform environment allows you to create games for Windows, Mac, Linux, and web platforms. You can also develop on KeyMacro while you’re on the move. *UI-based design. Instead of fighting the editor, you can go straight to your game’s design. The visual editor is user-friendly, and getting in and out of it is a breeze. *AI-driven content. The engine’s AI-driven content makes it easy to have your game’s worlds create themselves. The user-friendly visual editor makes it a snap to put AI into your world. You don’t have to fight the engine to do this, either.

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– A UI application, so it can be used from any place on the computer.
– It can count and sum up time when the computer is unlocked within a given day.
– Accurate counting of time, including time of work on project.
– Statistics of time of work, including statistics of selected day.
– Alarms, so you can be reminded when a certain time has passed.
– Easy logging of time of work.
– Option to save statistics (either the average, or the current, or the past ones).
– Multiple settings to configure the application, including settings for backlight and log level.
– Fuzzy search of any word within the settings.
– Option to change the colors of UI elements.
– Option to show mouse position.
– Option to show date and time at the current cursor position.
– Option to replace the date and time with ‘+’.
– Option to add ‘x’ for every hour to the date.
– Option to show text next to the date and time.
– Option to show the cursor’s text.
– Option to show only certain days of a month.
– Option to toggle on/off the taskbar icon.
– Option to toggle on/off the balloon.
– Option to toggle on/off the system tray icon.
– Option to toggle on/off the notifications.
– Option to change the UI language.
– Option to show/hide the counter, the word ‘x’ and the word ‘y’.
– Option to change the counter’s orientation.
– Option to change the clock’s orientation.
– Option to turn off the clock.
– Option to hide all the settings.
– Option to change the appearance of the window’s title.
– Option to set the minimum font size.
– Option to set the maximum font size.
– Option to change the separator.
– Option to change the time font size.
– Option to change the separator color.
– Option to change the date font size.
– Option to change the separator color.
– Option to change the taskbar icon color.
– Option to change the taskbar icon’s size.
– Option to change the balloon’s text color.
– Option to change the balloon’s size.
– Option to change the notifications’ text color.
– Option to change the notifications’ text size.
– Option to change the notifications’ background color