1.get tag information
2.add song information
3.convert wav to mp3
4.delete song information

Mp3 Tag Editor

Mp3 Tag Cool is a software tool for Windows that allows you to edit tags (such as the title, track number, album title, artist, composer, album artist, year, genre, and comments) of MP3 and WAV files. The software is a very easy-to-use and intuitive Windows application. After you have installed it, it will appear as a blue window in the system tray.

All of the tag editing features of this software work by clicking on the edit icon. The software works by allowing you to edit tags of a single file, a batch of files, or all of the files in a folder. When the file is opened, you will see the tag editor window appear automatically. You can then edit the tags of the file.

The software includes the following tag editing features:

• Add/delete song information

• Edit/delete album information

• Edit song information

• Edit album information

• Edit artist information

• Edit composer information

• Edit album artist information

• Edit title information

• Edit genre information

• Change song text

• Change album text

• Change artist text

• Change album artist text

• Change year text

• Change genre text

The software includes a help window that will display help text while you are editing the tags of a file. After you have finished editing the tags of a file, you can close the tag editor window, by pressing the red X icon in the upper-left corner of the window. The program will remember your edits and will not offer them again until you close it.

The software allows you to create a library of your music. When you use this feature, the tags of the song or album will be automatically added to a new library. You can then import the library and copy the tags from it. The software will also allow you to create your own library, but this feature can only be used by premium version of the software.

The software allows you to export the tags of the song or album to an XML file. This XML file can be used to transfer the tags to other software applications. The tags will also be automatically added to the Windows media player. If the Windows media player is not open, you can eea19f52d2


This is a program for statistics analysis of written texts.

The GUI is convenient and easy to use.

The main purpose of this application is to offer a quick overview of the main frequency of words in the text.

What’s New in This Version:

– added visual effects for the numeric data.
– update to the biggest database of words.
– fixed bugs.


Frequency Analyzer app is available for free in the handbook of cool free apps.By Kate Bywater

BBC News

A new study shows the most attractive women are the ones who like themselves

You only have to look at the catwalk to notice that there are different styles of beauty. That big smile is a feline appeal, while the caked-on foundation and arched eyebrows are more masculine. And then there are the big hair, fake tan and smudge of eye shadow. So what is the real look, and how can we find it? This month’s Big Beauty Survey asks the big questions. The men’s version, commissioned by the hair care company GHD, also shows the unsmiling face is the most attractive, but it is much less popular than the radiant smile. Full marks for catwalk styles I agree with my colleague Tom Chivers, who argues that “dark hair in an icy blue-grey wash is the only thing that is certain about a woman”. And it is certainly true that a healthy glow of skin is a key sign of beauty. What is it about that smile? One study found that those with genuine confidence were the sexiest. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario asked men to rate pictures of women in T-shirts with the letters W-F-A (What a Woman). The most attractive was photographed with a full smile and looking into the camera. The authors say the smile shows both warmth and intelligence. Men responded most to women who looked happy in themselves. This was important, as women with low self-esteem tend to avoid looking at their best side. The survey also asked people to choose which of six images was the most attractive. These women were photographed either with the same amount of make-up, or without make-up at all. Men were able to distinguish between the two without the help of a mirror. The most masculine faces were those with the least eye make-up. A first date? The researchers suggest this could also be used as an art project to turn men on. “Then the man