KEYMACRO is a powerful information gathering program that allows you to create personal vídeo of your activities on the Internet, your MSN and… (more)

KEYMACRO Description:
KEYMACRO is a powerful information gathering program that allows you to create personal vídeo of your activities on the Internet, your MSN and AOL. This software will create a video about your work, your hobbies, your Internet surfing, about the people with whom you are communicating, and about the Internet that you are connecting to. This software can be very useful for capturing screenshots and images from your web sites. Besides, this software is a multilingual application and you can select the language that you want to use, depending on the computer on which you install the program. KEYMACRO is your keylogger that has the capacity to record the keys that you are pressing. It is very useful if you need to keep a history of your online activities in case you want to check your Internet surfings later. KEYMACRO has the capacity to record text, images, and sounds, which can be converted to video files in different formats, such as AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, and MP4. In addition, KEYMACRO can record several video files in a single session and it can operate when the computer is in sleep mode. KEYMACRO has a user-friendly interface and it does not need any special security software or special drivers to work. KEYMACRO is a software that does not require administrator privileges to install and run on any Windows operating system. KEYMACRO is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. KEYMACRO is freeware that is distributed as an “evaluation version” and you can use it without any restriction.

Internet Password Generator is an easy application that can help you with select your password.

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KEYMACRO Description:
KEYMACRO is a powerful information gathering program that allows you to create personal v 384a16bd22

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Automatically generate secure MAC tokens from passwords and keys for use in encryption and decryption
Why use KeyMACRO?
Secure Access to your data
“Macro” encrypts your data with a password you create. Each time you re-open the document, your data is automatically encrypted with the new password.
Easy to use
No previous computer knowledge needed
Macro Key Features
1. Macro key encrypts data in your PDF or other documents. The data is encrypted with a password you define.
2. Generate secure, encrypted data
Macro can generate secure MAC tokens for encrypting data in PDFs. Password and keys are stored in two separate files.
3. Encrypt the data in one shot
With one click, the encrypted data is added to the document.
4. Password and key management
You can define a master password to unlock and/or change the keys.
5. Secure your data
If the document is lost, all the encrypted data will be lost as well.
6. Automatically auto-save your data
As you type, Macro can store all of your data in your application.
7. Automatically quit
If you close your document, Macro will automatically quit.
Download Macros Key Macro for the PDF-Encrypting System
Google Code Description:
Like all of the Macros programs for decrypting and encrypting, the most important thing about this tool is that it enables you to use various data encryption methods. With the Macros Macros Key, you can use all of the data encryption options, as well as all of the pass phrase combinations. More so, with it, you will be able to set various data encryption levels, Master passwords, and passwords.
The Program Macros Macros Key is easy to use and easy to understand. A feature of it is that you can be able to set the different data encryption options (the passphrase combinations), the master password, as well as the password for the encryption. With the Macros Macros Key, you will be able to choose the level of the data encryption (high, medium, or low) and even the data in which the keys will be generated. Finally, you will be able to choose the data encryption options, the Master password, as well as the password you would like for the encryption.
Our thoughts
With Macros Macros Key, the user has access to all of the features available when using a Macros program, as

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