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AutoCAD Crack can import and export data as DXF and DWG files. Additionally, it has a functionality that allows drawings made in AutoCAD to be sent to a 3D printer in order to print them out.

The name “AutoCAD” is an acronym, derived from the words “Automatic CAD.” Most of the word was created by auto parts specialist, Julius Hartmann, who first suggested the name to his boss, Henk de Vries, a professor at the Delft Technical University.

The first version of AutoCAD was first released in 1982. It included four primary functions. The ability to create linear, area, arc and spline curves, such as circles, ellipses, rectangles, arcs, Bézier curves, lines, polygons, and splines.

AutoCAD has its own native file format named DXF.

The ability to draw and edit 3D models, both 3D solids and wireframe.

The ability to measure, place, and fit parts to each other, and to make views from multiple angles at once.

The ability to model a body.

The first version of AutoCAD had an internal baseboard similar to the one in the picture. It was used to adjust the drawing area to the size of the paper being used. The baseboard allowed the CAD operator to move the drawing area closer to, or farther away from the keyboard. The baseboard would act as a reference for the work space, as the user would be able to quickly and easily move the drawing area around the work space.

This is one of the changes between the first and second version of AutoCAD. It is possible to move the drawing area around the work space, creating a pseudo-3D effect.

While AutoCAD has changed since its first release in 1982, it has never lost its ability to satisfy the needs of a broad audience.

AutoCAD has been improving continuously since its first version, and it continues to make steady improvements in usability, workflow, and the general experience. The history of AutoCAD development was documented in the book, “History of AutoCAD”.

The following are the top five most visited links on AutoCAD’s Official Website. The links are to the AutoCAD Books, Manuals, and Reference Pages.

AutoCAD Software Books


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A drawing file can be modified using any of the above methods.

AutoCAD can export to various file types including Portable Document Format (PDF), Autodesk Architectural Framework (AAF), Autodesk A360 Drawing Exchange Format (DXF), Autodesk Design Review (DRW), Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Animation MAX, Autodesk 3D Studio, Autodesk Revit, ARCHIB (Autodesk BIM Alliance), DWG and DXF. The XML, SVG and DWF (Adobe’s native file format) formats are used for authoring, while the PDF format is the native format to use for finished drawings. AAF is used for A360, Design Review, 3D Studio Max and Animation MAX export. AutoCAD for Architectural design incorporates support for the Autodesk Architectural Framework (AAF) format, the new A360 standard for Architectural design. The AAF standard allows for higher resolution drawings, seamless connectivity and exchangeability of information.

AutoCAD also exports to a number of Web-based formats including, Rooftop Design & Construction, Autodesk Design Review, Autodesk Infrastructure Design and Autodesk Revit, using the WebDirect API. The WebDirect API is available for PC and Mac, and uses D3D, the Windows version of OpenGL.

It is possible to use AutoCAD’s Windows Forms Designer to design user interfaces and windows for stand-alone applications, or to create design or drafting components for use in third-party applications, using native application programming interface (API) programming techniques.

AutoCAD supports in a similar way, and with the same capabilities, the following Microsoft platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Xbox, Windows Embedded Compact, Windows Server, Server Core, Windows Embedded POSReady, and Windows Hyper-V.


AutoCAD LT (Autodesk LT) is a mobile app that allows users to use a tablet or mobile phone to access their drawings. AutoCAD LT supports Android, Apple, and Windows tablets and mobile phones. AutoCAD LT supports editing of drawings, dimensions, annotations, and tables. It also includes search and filter functions for selecting parts of a drawing.

AutoCAD LT features a number of features not found in full-blown AutoCAD, including an alternative user interface, dynamic tools, and system-level planning tools. AutoCAD LT


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What’s New in the?

Markup and Compare:

Automatically compare two drawings with features, annotations, or annotations with layers. (video: 2:40 min.)


Match controls to real-world, structured environments. (video: 1:10 min.)

My Blocks:

Add, replace, and rearrange blocks in an open drawing. (video: 1:50 min.)

Snap to Grid:

Automatically place dimensions and align your drawings to the international metric grid. (video: 1:45 min.)

Snap to Grid:

Snap your tool selection to the metric grid for better alignment. (video: 1:20 min.)

Planned Component Upgrades:

At the end of 2020, we plan to provide the following AutoCAD feature upgrades:

Add powerful C++ APIs that extend the existing APIs and provide faster and more efficient tooling support and components.

Add new tools and components for drawing UIs, adding strong improvements to the core functionality of AutoCAD.

Optimize the UI to speed drawing and improve the user experience.

Add additional data sources for drawings and deliver a cleaner data model that does not rely on objects.

Improve and deliver functionality that unifies all of your digital and physical information.

Introduce a new three-dimensional (3D) modeling and visualization tool for AutoCAD.

Improve the 2D graphics engine in AutoCAD by increasing the fidelity and features.

In April 2020, we plan to deliver the following AutoCAD feature upgrades:

Improve the new 2D graphics engine to make it a more universal feature across our products.

Implement new ways of supporting the creation and manipulation of shapes and paths in 2D.

Improve the existing drawing experience to introduce new ways to organize, compare, and edit your drawings.

Improve the 2D graphics engine in AutoCAD to support the new 2D features in the drawing experience.

Deliver new 2D drawing, 3D modeling, and rendering capabilities.

Improve and deliver high-fidelity 2D and 3D graphics and modeling to make your work easier.

Deliver additional improvements and refinements to the core 2D graphics engine.

Release new layers that enable deeper hierarchies and classification of objects.

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