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AutoCAD comes with a wide variety of features, including functions and specialized commands for creating and editing AutoCAD drawings, drafting and measuring, model and part design, presentations, graphics, 2D and 3D modeling, architectural design and animation. The features in AutoCAD are illustrated in the Table of Contents.

Features: Table of Contents

New Features New Features for 2020 AutoCAD 2020 is the first release of AutoCAD to feature Cloud-Connect, an online connectivity and access solution for new and legacy users of AutoCAD. The Cloud-Connect solution enables AutoCAD users to share files with others, receive workflows and receive updates to features via the Internet. More about cloud-connect


Now you can quickly convert 2D or 3D objects to and from other formats, using the Convert to and from menu commands.


You can quickly change the line style and dimensions of one or more drawings.

Improved graphics

You can create your own graphics styles or apply stock graphics that work with other drawings.

Be more organized

You can set preferences and saved documents in the Draw & Add dialog.

New attributes

You can set the type of layer in a drawing.

New dimension tools

You can create the width, depth and area of a dimension object.

New functions and improvements

You can select a section of a plane. You can select a plane face and display the selected face in a dialog box.

New tools for 2D

You can print and plot views, pan, and zoom 2D drawings. You can edit 2D drawings by using the Text Editor.

New tools for 3D

You can define a range of connected 3D faces and delete edges and faces within this range.

Clone objects

You can clone a drawing and create multiple copies of an object, or select objects in a drawing and use them to create a clone.

Improved 3D

You can use motion path lines in 3D.


You can use viewing modes for 3D, 2D and other drawings, including creating your own viewing modes.

Graphical Styles

You can

AutoCAD 24.1

Windows Desktop Application (currently in the public Beta) as a Windows application with native user interface, is also a part of the full AutoCAD system. As of 2007, this application works on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Cross Platform Extensions (formerly PreProductivity Extensions) A collection of plugins that allow for custom drawing and file handling on the PC, iPad and iPhone mobile devices. Its features include copy and paste, rotate and zooming tools and custom file handling using its own XME GUI tool.

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2.1. The prerequisites

You need the following to install/activate the keygen :

– A Microsoft Account
– A couple of USB / DVD
– It is needed the Autodesk Subscription.

2.2. Microsoft account

Go to for an account.

Create an account with your email address and a random password.

Then create a Microsoft account.

Select “Microsoft Account”

Fill in the Microsoft account email

Select “I have this account already”

Select the 3dMock account

The 3dMock account has the right to publish the trial version.

Login to your 3dMock account

2.3. USB / DVD

Prepare a couple of USB or DVD.

The USB / DVD must contain the following:

– Autocad 2018 (AutoCAD 2018 installed in the ISO is enough)
– Autodesk Subscription 2019 (necessary to use the keygen)
– the.key file of Autodesk Subscription 2019

2.4. Installation

Place the Autocad and the Autodesk Subscription 2019

Create the 3dMock account

Copy the 3dMock’s account email to Autocad’s AutoCAD’s location

Go to Autocad and open an.DWG file

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

Press the ESC button

Read the next screen

Press F2

What’s New in the?

Easily incorporate feedback into your design without using external software or drawing your own freehand. Using your favorite drawing software, you can drag and drop or import from a web browser. (video: 1:12 min.)

Easily modify your design by capturing feedback from printed paper or PDFs and incorporating those changes into your CAD model automatically. This feature allows you to print out sections or modify your design quickly without using an additional software. (video: 1:32 min.)

Add new places and append annotations to existing 3D models, and they are automatically incorporated into the model so you don’t have to draw or open a 3D modeling tool. (video: 1:16 min.)

Mobile, Web and Cloud Integration:

To make it easier to work from anywhere, AutoCAD now connects to cloud-based services and Mobile apps so you can access your CAD design from any device.

Autodesk Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

Connect your mobile device to the cloud and access AutoCAD apps from iOS or Android.

Sync your drawings to and from the cloud and edit on your mobile device.

View and interact with a variety of cloud services from inside AutoCAD.

Pricing and Availability:

AutoCAD is bundled as part of the Autodesk® Business Suite as well as the Autodesk® 2015 Ultimate Suite. See Pricing and Availability for more information.

About AutoCAD:

AutoCAD is a leading 2D drafting and design software application that is used in a variety of industries including architecture, engineering, manufacturing, construction and graphics. The application has been instrumental in bringing 2D drafting to the modern day work place and provides a range of powerful design and drafting features, including technical editing and the ability to import and design in 3D space.

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About Autodesk

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System Requirements:

Windows® 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows® 8 (32 or 64 bit), Windows® 8.1 (32 or 64 bit), Windows® 10 (32 or 64 bit)
1.2 GHz or faster processor
1 GB RAM (Windows® 7) or 2 GB RAM (Windows® 8, 8.1, 10)
Graphics: DirectX® 9 graphics device
DirectX® 11 graphics device with support for Pixel Shader 5.0
DirectX® 11 graphics device with support for Geometry Sh