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AutoCAD Free Download was released as an alternative to “dumb” drafting software that could only draw with a mouse, in order to promote the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting by non-technical users. AutoCAD marked a departure from existing products, which were all based on a draftsperson workstation model.

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First produced for the IBM PC, it supports all later model IBM PCs, including the VGA and XT models and some IBM compatibles, as well as Apple Macintosh. The same functionality exists for the Japanese Japanese PC compatible Family 5 (namely NEC PC-9801, PC-9821, PC-9851, PC-9871 and PC-9891), the Japanese Japanese PC compatibles (namely IBM PC/AT), and the Japanese Japanese PC compatibles (namely NEC PC-9801, PC-9821, PC-9851, PC-9871 and PC-9891). AutoCAD for DOS is supported on DOS and Windows.


AutoCAD is a desktop-based, vector-graphics 2D drafting and design application. Introduced in 1982 for the IBM PC, it supports all Windows PC computers later than the Intel 80386 processor generation, the Macintosh platform, and DOS. It is available as desktop, online, mobile, and web apps. It also supports models that contain combined features from AutoCAD, such as DWG, DXF, and PDF.

AutoCAD is one of the most used desktop CAD software applications. In addition to 2D drafting and design, it supports the creation of 3D models, surface modeling, solid modeling, parametric modeling, drawing views, specification views, set layouts, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, image processing, and animation. AutoCAD supports the use of the DWG, DXF, and PDF file formats. It supports 2D drafting and design on all Windows PCs as well as Macintosh computers and the Amiga. AutoCAD can be used by multiple users, is fully integrated with Windows, and works on multiple platforms.

AutoCAD’s native file format is the AutoCAD DWG (and DXF) file format, which was created by Autodesk to replace its earlier PreDWG file format. AutoCAD for Mac is an older file format and does not support Mac.

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What’s New in the?

Use feedback to produce designs that can be re-imported and modified.

A new “Markup Assist” tab enables you to send, update, and save comments and text-annotations from your InDesign page directly into your drawings.

No more manually sending comments back and forth between InDesign and AutoCAD – the comments are now centralized, which saves you time.

Create and manage Comments & Annotation Sets.

Attach comments and other annotations to the right places in your drawings, including the drawing’s Print Layout, Block Group, Region, and Tag.

New drawing tools, including the Annotations & Comment (Sketch) tool

The Annotations & Comment (Sketch) tool and new drawing tools make it easy to annotate your drawings using a point tool that automatically creates and attaches comments and notes to specific drawing elements. The Annotations & Comment tool helps you to communicate by providing a consistent way to express messages to others.

Sketch Blocks with Annotations and Comments: Create and organize your annotations using the Sketch tool. Quickly insert a comment or annotation at the top of a drawing element, including blocks and text.

Freeze Comments and Notes: Quickly freeze a comment or annotation to the top of a sketch line, block, text, or other element.

Add Annotations & Comments to Blocks: Add annotations and comments to Blocks, such as Text, Groups, Drawings, Text Frames, and Drawing Layer Groups.

Attach Comments to Multiple Objects: Easily attach annotations and comments to multiple objects in your drawings.

Comment Tools:

Be able to insert blocks, text, and annotations and draw sketches while in the Edit (Model/Drafting) window. When you are in the drawing area, you can toggle the “Edit (Model/Drafting) window” to the window.

Insert annotated and linked blocks and text.

Support for InDesign CSS

You can now apply CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) styles to your comments, tags, and text.

Add properties for link color, font, and alignment.

Annotate Blocks, Groups, Text, and Text Frames: Easily insert blocks, groups, and text with the annotations and comments tool. Add multiple annotations and comments at once using the bracket keys. Quickly insert a comment, annotation, or sketch line at the top of a sketch line, block, text,

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

1 GB free disk space
Resolution: 1280×800
1 GB free disk space1280x800 Processor
1 GHz Memory
200 MB RAM
1 GHz processor
Graphical Environment
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit versions)
Language: English
Sound Card: DirectX® Sound System
Hard Disk Drive: 1280×800 resolution1280x800
Graphical Modifier (optional): yes