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List of the AutoCAD Versions History

1984 AutoCAD becomes the first program to automatically cut, copy, paste and align objects. The “MText” command allows you to apply complex text transformations to any selection of text, including text that’s stored in an object.

1985 AutoCAD introduced the first graphical computer-aided design tools.

1987 First release of AutoCAD in a standalone version.

1991 Available for Microsoft Windows

1992 AutoCAD becomes the first program to offer electronic engineering applications for a home or small business.

1994 AutoCAD Professional, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD LT Deluxe/NT add support for schematic capture and tracking of electrical and mechanical components.

1995 AutoCAD releases updates to Windows and to AutoCAD LT that allow companies to use AutoCAD on networked computers and to work offline. AutoCAD now supports the ANSI CAPI driver interface to allow graphics cards with indirect rendering support.

1996 AutoCAD releases its first version in a new 3D standard.

1998 AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT releases support for a new standard for 3D geometry, “3D Warehouse.”

1999 AutoCAD becomes a program independent of any operating system, including Windows.

2000 AutoCAD LT releases updates to the core design tools to introduce AutoLISP and a new GUI. The electronic manufacturing tools are expanded to include milling and welding.

2002 AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT LT releases support for Windows XP.

2003 AutoCAD releases updates to the core design tools. Power by the Numbers from Autodesk now includes “Power by the Numbers” by Gartner, Inc. The electronic manufacturing tools now include brazing and soldering.

2005 AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT LT adds support for Mac OS X and other Unix operating systems, including Solaris.

2006 AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT LT releases Windows XP SP2.

2007 AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT LT upgrades the electronic manufacturing tools to include batch processing. AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT LT develops a new Web-based electronic design environment called WireX.

2009 AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT LT upgrades the electronic manufacturing tools to include new post processing tools for engineering drawings. AutoCAD LT LT Deluxe/NT LT releases new updates that include support for Macintosh OS X

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AutoCAD is able to import and export spreadsheets, called spreadsheets, in the format used by Microsoft Excel.

AutoCAD’s spreadsheet and graphing features were first introduced in version 2.0, with the work of two Microsoft employees, Scott Hendersen and Dave Lieber, and a Japanese company, AIST. AutoCAD’s graphing was re-written in the late 1980s by a then young Mike Ullyett, who spent the next two decades leading the development of the graphing system and its interface. AutoCAD’s spreadsheet was developed by Scott Hendersen, who spent a decade on the project. AutoCAD Graph and GraphX are the two applications that comprise the AutoCAD graphing system.

Other AutoCAD products
There are numerous other products that are included in the AutoCAD suite of products, such as the following:

Structural Designer – 3D building and space planning application
FDM Edge – A 3D engineering modelling tool
Bridge Architect – A design, analysis and documentation program for bridges and other structures
Bridge Designer – A 3D design, analysis and documentation program for bridges and other structures
Graphing and Design – 2D and 3D graphing and analysis application
Dynamic Input Manager – A custom input manager written in C#


AutoCAD LT (the “LT” stands for “Light Toolkit”) is a commercial version of AutoCAD. It is a version of AutoCAD for CAD (computer-aided design) technicians and CAD students, and was introduced in 1996. The program has many similarities to the professional version of AutoCAD. However, it lacks many features, such as a 2D drawing grid and dimensioning, and has a number of restrictions on what it can do.

AutoCAD LT allows the user to work with DWG (DXF) files created by AutoCAD and numerous other third-party applications. It is mainly used by artists and technicians. The program was designed to be easy to learn and to be used by a single user at once.

AutoCAD LT was formerly called DWG Academy. On May 6, 2010, Autodesk announced that the company would abandon the license-based pricing model for AutoCAD LT and would instead continue to charge a per-seat price for the software.

To allow for migration to AutoCAD 2013, a beta

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The following Video Tutorials should help you get started with

Autocad 2010

Autocad 2009

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Autocad 2007

Autocad 2006

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Autocad 2004

What’s New In?

* Use autolayout to fit layout parts into the drawing area. With autolayout you can select objects and place them anywhere inside the drawing area. This is useful when you need to place many objects on a larger area and your drawing area is limited.

* AutoCAD Desktop now includes your own personal data cache. (Note: To access your data cache, go to View menu > Data Cache > Data Cache.) AutoCAD is now loading and storing your personal data cache in an expanded model.

* You can zoom to any level in any model. You can zoom in or out of a model by using the Track Window tool on the Navigation Bar.

* Select and copy from a large selection of AutoCAD objects, such as layers, plots, blocks, dimensions, and more.

* Duplicate and merge layers. Save repetitive layers, such as group or custom properties, in a single layer.

* Extend the drawing area on a portable device or touch screen when a drawing is being viewed on a large display.

Data Management:

* Use the new Data Label tool to create labeled data fields. Add metadata to your data fields to help classify, organize, and share your data.

* Export detailed project files to be shared and reused by multiple users. (Optional)

* Share workgroup projects by selecting the Share project option.

* Store and search for reusable drawing files in the cloud.

* Automatically add user-defined names and objects to lists to organize drawings.

* Use Word document styles to create custom page layouts.

* Include drawing style information in layers.

* Use local and online folders for organizing drawings.

* Use custom format files to apply a uniform style to drawings.

* Choose to show or hide the status bar.

* Choose where your toolbars appear in the menu bar. (Note: You can now access these functions from the AutoCAD commands line.)

* Connect to external data sources such as databases, contact information, and the Web.

* Save, load, and show labels on maps.

* Use the Data-Label Advisor to help you create and manage your data fields.

Hardware & Cloud Integration:

* Using the built-in 3D engine, incorporate drawing objects into 3D scenes.

* Use a cloud-based drawing service or use your private 3D repository

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

CPU: 400 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Hard Disk: 300 MB
Interface: 16 bit
CPU: 300 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk: 200 MB