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AutoCAD is one of the most popular commercial CAD applications, used by both professionals and consumers. AutoCAD is a general-purpose solution that can handle most forms and styles of 2D drafting, including floor plans, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and similar trades, as well as general-use 2D drafting (measuring and plotting). In addition to AutoCAD, Autodesk offers a wide range of other applications and services, such as design and drafting software, professional and cloud-based collaborative design, analysis and manufacturing, and professional services.

AutoCAD is a cross-platform, multi-lingual software application that runs on most major desktop operating systems, from the Windows family to Linux to MacOS. AutoCAD is available for licensing on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. For reasons of support and licensing, AutoCAD on the Mac platform is a perpetual software license, which can be installed on up to 5 Macs at no cost.

AutoCAD 2018 [ edit ]

AutoCAD 2018 is the current release of AutoCAD software. It is the successor to AutoCAD 2017. AutoCAD 2018 was released on September 12, 2017. The main new feature of the latest release is the ability to calculate and display the volume of internal spaces.

AutoCAD 2018 Standard Edition [ edit ]

AutoCAD 2018 Standard Edition is a free trial version of AutoCAD 2018, available for free download.

AutoCAD 2018 Academic Edition [ edit ]

The Academic Edition is a free trial version of AutoCAD 2018 that requires a valid license key from the Academic Edition. AutoCAD is not available for free download.

AutoCAD 2018 for Windows [ edit ]

AutoCAD 2018 for Windows is a free trial version of AutoCAD 2018, available for free download.

AutoCAD for Mac [ edit ]

AutoCAD for Mac is a perpetual license version of AutoCAD 2018 for Mac. A perpetual license allows users to install the latest version of AutoCAD for Mac on any number of Mac computers.

AutoCAD for Linux [ edit ]

AutoCAD for Linux is a perpetual license version of AutoCAD 2018 for Linux. A perpetual license allows users to install the latest version of AutoCAD for Linux on any number of Linux computers.

AutoCAD for Android [ edit ]

AutoCAD 24.0 With Product Key

Analysis and Reporting
AutoCAD has an integrated analysis and reporting engine called Autodata. It is a collection of reports and analysis tools for quickly reviewing many aspects of a drawing. Analysis tools are integrated into a drawing window, and can be accessed using a single interface. Included among the many reports are:
Content Tree
Region Tree
View Trace Analyzer
Rotation and Shear Analysis
Visual Path Repairs
AutoCAD also has the ability to export its content and analysis tools to various file formats, including RTF, HTML, PDF, CSV and XML.

AutoCAD provides APIs for scripting using AutoLISP and Visual LISP. It also supports ObjectARX (AutoCAD Architecture) and.NET via External Interfaces in the form of Aspose.Cells for Excel. AutoCAD also has the ability to read and write the DXF file format natively.


Further reading
AutoCAD® User Manual
AutoCAD 2014 for Autodesk® Design & Manufacturing CAD Standard Edition User Guide

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Interior perspective views can be easily created. Draw rooms and corridors to create interior perspective views, as well as models in a 3D environment. (video: 1:44 min.)

3D Holes:

Add or edit 3D holes, including the ability to place 3D sketches in 3D. AutoCAD’s 3D Holes feature can now handle both radial and tangential sketches. (video: 3:44 min.)


Lights automatically adjust in color and intensity depending on your design. Lighting is used to create the correct luminance for workstation graphics and helps you to save colors and money on graphics. (video: 3:02 min.)

Paint and Materials:

Paint is now brought to life in AutoCAD 2023. Paint parameters can be created for each drawing and can be used to design in color and texture. Textures help you to create textures and can be used for additional work surfaces or floors. (video: 2:09 min.)

Non-rectangular shapes:

Add rounded corners and star shapes to your drawings. A new, special tool makes it easy to add rounded corners to your drawings. (video: 1:42 min.)

Fit-to-fit or Flatten and scale:

Add points and lines to fit-to-fit drawings. Flatten existing drawings to a new shape and scale drawings. (video: 1:31 min.)


Change and export to DWG format:

After editing a drawing, export it to the Autodesk® DWG format. This preserves the design intent while reducing the size of the drawing. (video: 2:01 min.)

See which drawings are saved in the.DWG format:

After editing a drawing, the.DWG option is enabled by default. This ensures that a drawing is saved in this format. (video: 1:26 min.)

Save Undo history:

When editing a drawing, add an Undo history to the drawing toolbars and the taskbar. Previous drawings, including components and toolbars, are included. (video: 1:23 min.)


Make changes to your design and quickly undo and redo them. Instead of continuously reopening drawings to redo your previous work, you can now undo changes to your drawing. Und

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
CPU: Intel® Core i3-500 or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 10 GB available space
HDD: 5 GB available space
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5500 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Requirements:
Internet Explorer 11
Broadband Internet connection
How To Install:
Click on the [DOWNLOAD], then right click and select [Save As