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Microsoft Security Essentials


Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus solution that Microsoft released on September 2009, aimed to protect Windows users from various malware.
The product doesn’t require you to install the same on each computer of your network, and therefore it’s an efficient solution for small offices with many computers.
Furthermore, its compact size can be used as an embedded solution as well.
In addition, Microsoft Security Essentials can be used as a standalone security program, it has a possibility to run as a Windows service, in case of an operating system with this feature enabled.
Security Essentials is a network-based security system and doesn’t provide any desktop antivirus protection, but it can block the use of dangerous programs and suspicious files, as well as provide URL filtering and file system scanner features, which are great for workstations.
Security Essentials is a light antivirus program with just a few interface elements and minimal configuration options.
It’s quite easy to use, and it does not have complex settings options; you can limit it to only run when your system boots, or choose if you want it to scan every single file on your computer or only those that you have accessed.
The interface consists of a main window and a search bar, where you can enter the suspicious file name and see a short description and a picture of it.
The product works in real-time mode, but it doesn’t provide scheduled scans.
If you don’t mind the minimalistic interface and the lack of advanced settings, Security Essentials will provide you with basic antivirus protection.
However, it lacks a few important options and will not detect all the malware out there, so it might not be a good choice for home users.
KEYMACRO Description:

Productivity software for Windows and Linux


8Apps Android


8Apps Android is an Android application that will enable you to download any Android application on your mobile or smartphone.
You can use the list to find any application on Google Play Store and click the download button to download the application to your mobile.
You don’t need to download the application from the Google Play Store, the application does that job for you.
If you search for a particular application on Google Play Store, 8Apps Android will display the search results with 384a16bd22

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My current favorite for using as macros is to define a key to run a program.
Type: Key-Macro
Macro Parameters:

KEYTEXT e.g.: MACRO(myprogram.bat)

KEYVALUE MyProgram: (string)Location of the.bat file or path to the Java executable (if not specified)
KEYEXIT Without any parameters, it will close the macro window and return to the previous macro entry point. It will also clear all other open macros. When ‘KEYTEXT’ is specified, it will insert that string into the document. When ‘KEYVALUE’ is specified, it will run the program.


Select any text you want to have a macro on.
Type: C:>MACRO(myprogram.bat)
Press the key assigned to this macro.

Key-Macro tools are also very powerful for highlighting code, controlling a loop or checking for variable values.
UPDATE: Added usage example for those who have been using it for years.
UPDATE: I have updated this entry. Many of the new features and improvements are not visible in the download, but I am making them available in the next release. I have been using this for the past five years now and it has never let me down. I am using it with ease in all of my projects, both on the Windows and the Mac platforms. It is a great tool.


java-nogui-enu.rmtree.pngJava GUI development for Notepad++

Tue, 18 Aug 2011 20:59


Java programmers, if you are looking for a cross-platform solution for your GUI programming, you should try Java-nogui. It is a cross-platform GUI development environment for Notepad++. It was originally created for desktop Java and JFrame-based GUI, but also works for Java Applets and JNLP-based GUI.
With the program, you can create a variety of graphical User Interfaces. If you have Java experience, you can code your GUI in the Java language, and save it in the runnable.jar file. It also has a template builder feature for JPanel-based GUI, so that you can drag and drop your component onto the window.
You can also add custom paint handlers, manipulate its contents from the paint() and paintComponent() methods, set its dimensions, etc.
There is a built-in