Removing Ads from Toolbars

Many new and exciting software and games are being advertised on web sites. However, those are often replaced with banner-ads and popups when the programs are downloaded.
With Softadapter it is possible to integrate the advertisements of downloaded programs directly into the system’s software-bar and other system menus.
After a download the adware will be integrated into the menu, and will be displayed as it normally would have been done. The easy-to-use application has an intuitive graphical user interface, and lets you easily configure which programs are displayed as ads and how many of them.
Adware Removal – What you need to know:

This program only needs a few clicks to activate the autostarting of the program. It should be noted that the program has to be loaded before the ads can appear. This means that it can also be used to hide spam ads as they appear in your browser.

Additional Software Protection

The toolbar controls of various software (such as your browser, word processor, internet browser, email-client, graphics-tool,..) may be configured to allow software advertising or pop-up-advertments.
Softadapter’s EasyControl offers a solution for the protection against software-advertisements. It will prevent the annoying pop-ups from these programs and protect your data from the malware of such programs.
This should be a step to avoid the nuisance of software-advertisements.

How it works:

Firstly, Softadapter will scan your computer for the programs (all installed software, including those you need to hide ads from). Softadapter looks for the following things in each program (and then deletes them):

Notepad++ Notepad ++ allows you to edit files with advanced features, as compared to other alternatives on the market. It features syntax highlighting, a source-code viewer and much more.

Softadapter should activate your notepad++ and it will check the updated packages for the newest versions of notepad ++. If any new version is found, it will install and remove the old one. In other words, Softadapter will allow you to update your notepad++ version automatically.

NOTE: This feature is not available when the notepad ++ is using a non English language locale.

Remove all the advertisements from Notepad++:

Click on the applications menu, then “Edit” and “Select All”.

Press the “Edit” 384a16bd22

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