Now you can easily modify and set the time stamp of multiple files at once. The software will keep the original information and let you decide to create a new file, rename or delete the image.

Save time and disk space by uploading the entire folder or set the new time for a single image.

Let the software automatically process the new JPEG images or select them one by one.

EXIF or Original time can be modified or updated.

The application can process JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and GIF files.

Changes will be stored in the original image.

This software is portable and can be easily installed and run on any computer.


File name


Program size

0.9 MB

Program type

Portable application



System requirements

Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003

64-bit systems with at least 3 GB of RAM

4 GB of available space on a hard drive

How to install

Download the jpeg.exe file from the link below, extract and run the application.

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