COUNT count individual lines of a file, by character, word or by byte.
COPY Copy files, subdirectories and give backup option.
CUT Extract columns, rows, fields or bytes from a file.
DETAB Convert spaces for Tabs.
ENTAB Change Tabs for spaces.
FILECOMP Compare lines from files.
HEAD First lines of a file, or bytes of a file.
HELP Displays help page for the command.
LAST Displays the last lines of a file.
LIST List files in a directory or subdirectory.
PASTE Merge lines from different files.
PROC Dump directory contents and print out list of files.
PROCP Paste to a specific program, and set program name.
PROT Write a program to run it.
SORT Swap characters of lines.
TAB Convert spaces for Tabs.
TRAIL Fix end of lines.
UNIQ Delete repeated lines.
KEYQUERY Key and Query Utility
KEYQUERY can be used to query or modify the details of a key.
If a key is not specified, the current key is queried.
If a key is specified, the key is modified.
An example of a query and a modification is as follows:
If you want to use a different key from the user-specified one, you can use the following:
#W 384a16bd22

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Keylocka is a free and open source Windows port of a keylogger program for Unix. It can not only record every key pressed on the keyboard but also acts as a password logger as well.
It can log passwords typed into the software in text files and even store them to a MySQL database. The author also supports keyboard layouts other than the default English (US) keyboard. He even supports key remapping in a way that is compatible with the Linux desktop.
Keymacro is very easy to use, install and configure, and has a very friendly user interface. Once you have it installed on your system, you can start capturing all the keys you press.
This is no longer a mouse and keyboard based task, which means the program can not only monitor your computer screens, but also your mouse and tablets. The program also supports wireless keyboards.
There is a built in key logger that monitors your computer, your mouse, the screens and webcam. The built-in keylogger is reliable and a major plus of this software.
KEYmacro also supports batch files, meaning that the program is capable of recording your keyboard while you type a batch of commands, and you do not even need to stop typing to press a key to record.
KEYmacro is also capable of logging passwords typed by programs. This software is highly effective because it supports the installation of password by programs.
More info

Keymacro is an application that logs all the keys you type in a Windows computer and sends it to a remote computer. This makes it possible for a third party to spy on your computer.
The full documentation for installing Keymacro in a Windows XP computer is available in the article “How to Use Keymacro” located in the “For” tab.
“Keymacro for the Mac” is similar to Keymacro for Windows. There are some minor differences.
The basic operations are the same.
* Installation
* Activation
* Settings
* Help
Keymacro for the Mac is a password logger.
Keymacro can not only monitor your computer, but also your mouse and tablets.
This makes it easy to spy on a person or the other.
Keymacro is relatively easy to use, install and configure.
Keymacro will record your keystrokes.