Over a decade ago, Mr. Manley began developing a method that could manually scan hundreds of millions of IP addresses with ease. The results were shown in a tool called PhatScan and used to warn me of exactly what programs were attempting to communicate on a network.
I soon adopted this method as a technique for my own network. It gave me the information that I needed to not only find which IP’s were being used, but to determine the purpose of each. It could also save me valuable time, since I no longer had to peruse each and every IP to find out what it was doing.
PhatScan2004 was originally designed for use as a general port scanner, but has grown into a complete, high-performance network security tool. It is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and we are proud to say that they all have a much better understanding of what their network is doing.
The Tool:
PhatScan2004 is a native OSX (Mac) program which uses a system API to give it the ability to map and scan many IP addresses. In addition to this, PhatScan2004 allows you to select the total number of scanned ports, the interval of scanning, and the display of network results in either a database or as HTML-formatted text.
Not only does PhatScan2004 provide you with the ability to find out what is happening on your network, it will tell you where all the activities are coming from. These activities include all the typical ports that any user on a network would try to communicate with, as well as ICMP, TCP, UDP, and even FIN traffic. PhatScan2004 will also give you a list of each of these types of traffic, with their source IP address and what programs are trying to make a connection. This information can be saved to a database, or saved as HTML/text to be viewed later.
The new features of PhatScan2004 Version 5.0 include:
■ Port range now can be searched individually
■ Program names and process names can be searched individually
■ A database can be set up for easier data querying
■ Users have the ability to be part of a group for easy management of groups of ports
■ New implementation of group policies to allow users to be grouped according to port range, program, and even subnet
■ GUI is now controllable by keyboard shortcuts
For more information about PhatScan 384a16bd22

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