Designing an application from scratch is becoming easier with technology allowing anyone to practice by simply adding several visual elements and creating a few links. However, programming languages are still the backbone of every application, with integrated development environments like CH Student Edition making it possible to take the code through a test and pile it up in a user-friendly package.
Support for an abundance of programming languages
Taking the application for a spin might make you feel a little overwhelmed because of the abundance of features it comes equipped with. On the other hand, these are cleverly organized in an upper toolbar, with tab support for multiple projects, object explorer and a decent amount of editing space.
Furthermore, you can load a staggering amount of file formats to analyze and process. This is one of the application's main advantages, with the possibility to import formats like AVE, CSS, ERL, C, M, LUA, PHP, PY, QNM, RB, TXT, VHD and a lot more.
Get visual support with plot output
With this in mind, the application can be used in order to study various mathematical expressions and analysis project, with the help of built in interpreters that generate the output along with visual support you can then export.
On the other hand, you can use the application to build your programs from scratch, with the possibility to pick the preferred programming language from a drop-down menu. This changes the way in which the syntax highlighter is applied, and you can use a different one for each project.
Test and build your application
When you're happy with the amount of code written, several tools let you run debugging operations, with line navigation controls and real time updating log panel. In addition, your project can also be taken through a compiler, or simply built in case you're pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the code.
In conclusion
All things considered, CH Student Edition is a powerful interpreter and IDE thanks to its clever support for some of the most commonly used programming languages, and the amount of features it comes equipped with. Enthusiasts feel a sense of accomplishment after a few minutes spent accommodating, while beginners have a shot at learning the practical way.


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Download ———






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CH Student Edition is a student-friendly programming environment. You can use your favorite programming language in a user-friendly GUI. It provides tools for the preparation of both standalone and Web applications, including various editors, a compiler, a debugger, and a menu editor.
The package comes with an extensive library of editors and languages, including:
– CH Editor, VHD, ERL, HTML, Python, C, PHP, Ruby, M, LUA, XML, XSL
– CH Interpreter, AVE, ASP, CSS, C, COBOL, ERL, Erlang, Fortran, LISP, PHP, Python, PHP, XML, XSL
– CH Compiler
– CH Debugger
If you’re a programmer, the program provides the CH Interpreter (a powerful free interpreter) and CH Debugger (a powerful free debugger). The interpreter is integrated into the CH Editor and CH Compiler. The compiler is integrated into the CH Editor and CH Debugger.
– CH IDE – Integrated Development Environment
– CH Menu Editor – menu editor

Symbolic Lifter is a powerful symbolic math expression editor. It is free for non-commercial use. It’s written in C++ using the Qt framework. It is also cross-platform compatible. If you are looking for a good, easy-to-use, powerful, FREE software for you to write, edit, visualize and manage mathematical expression in Linux, Symbolic Lifter can be your best choice.Symbolic Lifter Features:
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* Supports adding, editing and deleting symbols *
* Supports 1, 2, 3 and 4 dimensions and can be used to do math, physics, engineering, chemistry, etc. *

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Create macros and use your macros to solve difficult programming problems in a matter of seconds.

The recipe function is a powerful feature that makes a lot of sense for Python programmers who are used to the function creation syntax. For example, you might want to create a function that gives the result of 1+1 as 2, or you could do a simple subtraction to get the amount of objects in a data set:

This time, we’re going to get started from scratch and use the data generator instead. If you need more details, the previous recipes are available in this folder.

If you don’t have any data available yet, check this out for a walkthrough on how to make it happen.

Adding a new recipe

To create a new recipe, simply press the ‘Recipe’ button and create a new recipe. The template consists of a title, a label and description, but you can add more details if you like.

In the example below, we used our data generator. If you’re already familiar with the data provider pattern, you can skip this part and continue with the next recipe.

The data generator will give you a 2D matrix containing 10 rows and 10 columns with the cell values being the list of tuples. To access the data, you can use the range variable name. A complete example can be seen in the data generator’s code.

Creating a new recipe

Creating a new recipe is easy. You can either create a new record from scratch, add information to an existing record, or you can import a new recipe from an existing recipe.

Creating a new recipe record

The first recipe type is the recipe record. This gives you a basic information page with the title, description and some more details.

As we can see, the title and description fields are automatically created when we add the recipe record. You can also add an image, and we’ll be using that later on in this tutorial.

Creating a new recipe information record

You can add additional information if you want to make your recipe more specific or if you want to add extra steps to a recipe. In the next example, we’re going to create a list of subroutines which we can later use to call them.

The second recipe type is the information record. As the name suggests, you can add information to an existing record.

Creating a new recipe subroutine

You can add a list of recipes

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Experience a practical and effective way to
study mathematics and science.
CH Student Edition is an excellent programming language
for school, universities and test centers.
On the one hand, it facilitates the study of the
mathematics and science syllabus with practical
examples and exercises.
Students use this code editor to study the
structure and content of their coursework
On the other hand, it offers a wide selection of
practical examples, mathematical equations,
special scientific symbols, programming
languages, etc.
In addition, a vast range of mathematics and
scientific topics are shown via the Math-Nets
Furthermore, a lot of mathematical tools are
available for free, and the implementation of
a programming language for students helps to
improve the students’ writing skills.
The interactive tools help the students to
quickly get a feel of the concepts, and they
are easy to learn.
CH Student Edition is a versatile and reliable
Thanks to its modular design, you can add
additional functionalities, and you can expand
your program’s functionality by using the
imported and built-in libraries.
The coding feature of CH Student Edition
makes it easy to expand your program’s
functionality, and to improve your programming
You can also add additional functionality,
or use the imported and built-in libraries.
The practicality of CH Student Edition
keeps you motivated, and makes it easy for
you to carry out your coursework.
Thanks to the various project-based
examples, it’s possible to understand the
main mathematical concepts.
A comprehensive range of practical examples
helps you to easily solve problems, and it
makes learning the topic fun.
The interactive tools also help you to
overcome the difficulties, and they
reduce the workload.
Thanks to the support for various file
formats, you can process large amounts of
data, and the results can be exported in
a graph.
The CH Student Edition code editor is
free, and you can use it to study the
mathematics syllabus, and to practice

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System Requirements For CH Student Edition:

Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit

1GB of RAM
1.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon
2 GB available hard disk space
1024×768 display
512 MB Graphics (for Windows Vista)
100 Mbps broadband connection
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