Dapfor Wpf GridControl is a software component designed to be used by developers in order to create high-performance applications capable of displaying table data. It is suitable for displaying single header data, as well as hierarchies with multiple independent headers.
The product available for download, Dapfor Wpf Suite, includes the assembly, documentation and usage examples. It only needs to be installed on the developer’s computer, as the component can then be integrated into other programs and distributed to customers together with the compiled application.
Dapfor Wpf Suite supports numerous data sources, as well as data source connections on any hierarchy level, simultaneous usage of multiple types of objects, and concurrent connections to multiple data sources.
It offers features for financial application development, data filtering, grouping and sorting, thread safety, support for data templates and data selectors, as well as various styles and themes.
Detailed deployment instructions are available in the included documentation, and numerous helpful examples are also provided. The tutorial can also be accessed on the product’s website.
Additionally, three demo applications are bundled with the software; these serve to showcase the component’s capabilities, demonstrate its speed in extreme conditions and evaluate the control’s performance on the end computer.
Dapfor Wpf GridControl Features:
• Supports any number of rows and columns
• Automatically groups and/or sorts by the column header
• Supports up to 500,000 cells
• Supports scrolling, scrolling with hidden cells and scrolling on the top of hidden cells
• Supports up to 20,000 cells
• Supports hierarchical structures
• Supports multiple kinds of data classes (including arrays of the user-defined class)
• Supports multiline headers and footers
• Supports multiple data templates and data selectors
• Supports predefined width and height of the cells
• Supports filtering and sorting by predefined class or by any property of the data class
• Supports paging, row/column header autoscroll and row/column footer autoscroll
• Supports drag and drop operations
• Supports connection of the server component from other programming languages (C++,.NET, J#, Delphi, VB, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby)
• Supports concurrent connections to multiple data sources
• Supports concurrent usage of multiple objects
• Supports grouping and/or sorting of the data
• Supports multi-threaded loading of data
• Supports concurrent loading of data
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LXG SHREDDER is lightweight desktop software tool that lets you permanently delete you private files and folders from your computers, flash disks, SSDs and multimedia cards with as little effort as possible.
Remove multiple files at the same time
The application opts for a clean and intuitive interface with well-organized settings that let you erase the desired items, without any modality to retrieve them. This utility is so easy to use, that there should be no accommodation issues to any kind of users, even those less experienced with this type of software.
It lets you add single files or whole folders at once. The items can be added in the main panel using the built-in browse button. More than that, batch processing is supported, which means that you can erase multiple files at the same time to speed up the task overall.
During the shredding process, a progress bar is shown to inform you about the task’s completion percentage. It had an overall good file erasing speed and worked without any errors during our testing.
Main functionality
Once the files and folders are imported in the main window, you can analyze information, such as a file’s extension, name and full path.
LXG SHREDDER doesn’t have too many options. For example, it doesn’t let you choose between different erasing methods, wipe the empty space from your hard disks, or format your drives. It only supports binary file overwriting for your deleted files. Last but not least, this utility can be set to close itself once the task is done.
Last few words
To sum it up, despite its lack of advanced features, LXG SHREDDER supplies you with a viable solution if you are looking for a fast and easy-to-use program to securely and permanently remove important documents or private files with ease.

Are you looking for a good program to completely erase your hard drive? Your search ends here. This software is well-equipped with a plethora of powerful options, which enable you to completely wipe out the data on your drive. It lets you safely remove all the data on your disks.

Keep an eye on your files and folders. Files that were deleted from your computer, or even those that were recently opened on your system, can be restored with the help of this software. It lets you check if your system is able to access the files that were deleted. More than that, you can still retrieve your files even if they were deleted due to their’recursive’ mode enabled