When you need to record or edit your webcam or Voodoo photos,
you want to take maximum advantage of your computer’s resources.
AVCam Pro lets you take snapshots, capture video, and record audio into memory.
You can then apply cool effects like adjusting the hue and exposure,
cropping, and adding text, before saving or displaying them.
AVCam Pro is also an ideal editing program.
You can set the compression to slow the speed of the video so you can save it in Voodoo,
or to a more reasonable amount if you want to edit the pictures before saving them.
You can also remove unwanted people or objects from your pictures, like your cat.
AVCam Pro also lets you save your images as other file formats including JPG.
AVCam Pro is now completely free and no longer requires a mojo registration fee.
AVCam Pro: Mac OSX 15.3 required; additional $19.95
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Kaspi 3.6.4 has released in CVS. Kaspi is an open source screen recorder and video editor that has a feature similar to Avid’s Edit or Paint Shop Pro where you can manipulate your video and track information such as when and where the video is playing back. Features include playing back, skipping, rewinding, replaying, looping, trimming, adding text and effects, changing the video compression, and saving the video to the local computer or to a file on the network. The video editor in Kaspi is very intuitive with a feature rich interface, and it can run on the Mac OS X as well as Unix based systems. Read the full Kaspi 3.6.4 release notes.

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The Voodoo web site has also moved into a beta phase as we work out new features and make refinements to existing products.

The free and paid versions of the program are now ready to run. Download either the free or paid version of the program and follow the instructions to use it.

The beta version of the program has some minor bugs that we will work out and correct.
If you have any problems please tell us about them.

To get involved in the development of Voodoo and other cool projects, we need help.
This program was started by a group of dedicated volunteers who love the potential of Voodoo.
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ClassyShark is a utility for inspecting the Android code. The tool comes with a simple to use dashboard like interface that is similar to many other developer tools for inspecting code and testing.
It allows you to browse DEX files and components.
It allows you to preview the components listed in the left panel and expand them.

It comes with a method counter interface that enables you to reduce the size of the project.
It comes with charts, incremental search, obfuscation, DEX numbers and dependency exploration.
Other notable features include a cool UI.

A handy utility that can help with developing Android apps. The tool is free to use and it works on Windows, macOS and Linux. Download ClassyShark for free.

ShrinkJars.com is not an Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provider or Android app development service. The links shared on the website is only for Android SDK, Android Studio, and Android-related apps.
Copyright (c) 2017 ShrinkJars.comTranscriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of pulmonary NK-1 receptor gene expression by agonists and antagonists of NK-1 receptor in cultured bovine tracheal myocytes.
NK-1 receptor agonists and antagonists regulate bronchoconstrictor responses to NK-1 receptor activation. NK-1 receptor expression and function are increased in airway inflammation. We hypothesized that NK-1 receptor agonists and antagonists would influence NK-1 receptor gene expression in cultured bovine tracheal myocytes (BTMs) as a model of bronchial smooth muscle in vitro. Changes in NK-1 receptor mRNA and protein levels were determined by ribonuclease protection and ligand binding assays, respectively. NK-1 receptor gene expression was determined by quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). BTM NK-1 receptors were functionally characterized by measuring the contractile response to the NK-1 receptor agonist, [Sar9, Met(O2)11] substance P (9-11). NK-1 receptor gene expression was increased by stimulation with [Sar9, Met(O2)11]SP for 24 h, 24 h after pretreatment with NK-1 receptor antagonists (N1-Acetyl-S-(3-amino-3-phenyl-propionyl)-L-Phe-CH2Cl) or NK-1 receptor agonists (L-694