The easy-to-use application aims to help you control your bandwidth usage. The application has a simple user interface that allows you to set up unlimited number of rules that will be applied when the download rate of your chosen connection reaches particular speeds.
Each rule has its own set of parameters, which determine how the application will handle the connection. All rules have their own log window, which will log every time your connection is affected by one of the rules that you have setup.
The main window is a little bit complicated, so you may want to use the help feature that is provided when you click on the ‘?’ symbol on the right-bottom corner of the interface.
The application will not only detect the download rate, but also will keep an eye on the connection’s upload rate. There is no need to worry about such things, as you can just leave the application running, and it will inform you the moment that a problem has been detected.
Network Monitor may be the right choice for anyone who wants to make sure that they do not exceed their monthly bandwidth allowance.
– The application works perfectly fine on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
– The application does not require any additional software to work.
– The application is a small utility that does not consume much of the computer’s RAM or CPU, so it should not interfere with your other apps and programs.

Freeware Available: Yes

Install: Free

Size: 12.35 MB

Does your Internet connection have troubles? The NetSpeedMonitor is a small utility that lets you easily control your download and upload speed, which is quite important, as you may not want to exceed your monthly bandwidth allowance.
For example, if you would like to be sure that you won’t use more than one gigabyte per day, this is the ideal software for you.
The tool has a simple interface that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the command line, but does let you use simple mouse clicks to manage the speed of your connection.
NetSpeedMonitor is able to monitor your network speed, as well as to work without any other app running in the background. As it doesn’t require any additional software, the program doesn’t cause your computer to freeze or to pop up error dialogs.
Furthermore, it will not consume much RAM or CPU power, so it is unlikely to interfere with other programs.
NetSpeedMonitor is a small tool that should work for most individuals who want to monitor their connection 70238732e0

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XML editing tools can be a headache. They often require a steep learning curve and lots of trial and error to get things right. Rinzo aims to change all that. Its intuitive user interface simplifies editing and saves a lot of time. Rinzo brings you the power of your favorite text editors directly into your XML workflow. Use it to edit your XML documents visually or use the results for your development tasks.
Rinzo has a powerful API that lets you easily create your own plugins for it. And, with a strict API, you can do it with ease. Rinzo includes a plug-in support framework, so you can focus on the hard part of your development and leave the rest to the framework.
The initial version of Rinzo includes a built-in support for the most important languages: XML, XHTML, HTML, JavaScript and ASP.NET. The next one will add support for Python, PHP and Java.
Rinzo is Open Source, under the GNU LGPL license, and available on Sourceforge.
What’s New in This Release:

Support for Python and Java was added.

What’s New in
Rinzo 3.5.0:

New support for Python and Java.

Support for XHTML/HTML5.

Support for leading XML editors.

New Rebuild Menu.

Better feedback when starting a document.

Fixed document underlining.

New icons for history and status bar.

A new document summary.

Improved Drag and Drop operation.

Rinzo Help:
Rinzo XML Editor is a visual editor for XML documents that was developed to make life easier for everyone who works with XML. It supports many of the popular document types and languages including: XML, XHTML, HTML, ASP.NET, JavaScript and many more. It is free and open source under the GNU GPL license.
Rinzo is an all-in-one editor that focuses on improving its interface instead of adding more features. Rinzo offers a powerful API that makes it easy to create plugins for it. With a strict API, you can easily develop your own plugins for it. Rinzo is designed for programmers and developers who want to use Rinzo for their XML editing needs, even if they are not familiar with XML.
Rinzo includes built-in support for the most important languages: XML, XHTML, HTML, JavaScript and ASP.NET. The next release will add support