www.cartridgeflasher.com/downloads/pro_down_1.7.zipSega Saturn Cartridge Firmware Flasher is a utility designed to help advanced computer users flash their Saturn cartridges’ firmware to Pseudo Saturn or other similar firmwares. Additionally, some of the firmware versions include certain save data.
After modifying their cartridge, users are able to run backup copies (that are burned on CDs) from their Sega Saturn consoles without considerable efforts and without having to rely on a modification chip. It is possible to run backup games after plugging in the modified cartridge. After modding the cartridge, users can also play import games, without region-specific limitations.
Among the extra features, it is possible to find booting homebrew games or demos from the SD card, save or load game data directly on the card, access a save game manager. Although this utility is compatible with legacy cartridges, as well, it does not add SD card features to the modified cartridge.
In order to change or restore the cartridge’s firmware, users have to burn the contents of this tool to a blank CD, turn the console off, plug a supported cartridge in it, turn it on, select the “load CDROM” option from the Multiplayer screen, start the game and follow the on-screen instructions provided.
Sega Saturn Cartridge Firmware Flasher Review:


Sega Saturn Cartridge Firmware Flasher Review:

Sega Saturn Cartridge Firmware Flasher Review:



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Sega Saturn Cartridge Firmware Flasher Review:

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Tn5250 allows you to connect to your IBM iSeries or AS/400, using the traditional methods of terminals and printers and to then access programs and data using a variety of protocols. Tn5250 is a simple solution for writing a single DOS application that can either work with a terminal, printer or a combination of both.

Tn5250 Features:

Remote Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulation, including the IBM 5250, 5250a, 5250R and 5250X are supported.

Remote Printer Emulation

Printer emulation is supported for virtual and physical printers.

Remote Session

Multiple remote sessions are supported. All session are handled separately, no multi-page files, even for a file containing files.

Saved Sessions

Sessions can be saved to a file and then resumed at a later date.

Terminal or Printer Specific Settings

Terminal or printer specific settings can be stored as part of the session.

Remote Terminal in Real Time

To speed up remote session there is no need to wait for the terminal to be available to display the results from the last operation.

Remote Terminal Session Logging

New log files for each session can be created allowing you to view your session remotely. This function is disabled by default.

Remote System Name Resolution

When using remote terminals, the name of the remote system is resolved to a specific hostname.To get the right response, especially at the right time and place, many things go into the design. Some of these are:






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