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Mongoose query with special characters

I need to do a MongoDB query with this query :
db.test.find({couleur : {“$exists” : true, “$in” : [“de1.text”, “de2.text”] } })

But there is this problem with special characters.
That’s why I have this query :
db.test.find({couleur : {“$exists” : true, “$in” : [“de1.text”, “de2.text”] } }).pretty()

Which is the right way to do that?


The parameterized cursor is meant to be used when you are needing to pass values for your application to query against; if you’re wanting to use it purely for formatting reasons, then the non-parameterized cursor is intended. If you pass values in, then you’re opening yourself up to a variety of security and data-storage issues.
For instance, you’re not going to be able to pass a value like “de1.text” directly into your query. I would highly suggest you look at the parameterized cursors for further information on that.
As a general note on your issue though, if you have a text-search field in your document and you’re simply wanting to find all of the documents which contain a particular text string, you should use the text-search module of MongoDB.
It can be installed like so:
$ npm install mongodb –save

You can then use it like so:
db.test.find({‘couleur’: {$text: {$search: “de1.text”}}}).pretty()

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FolderIconDrop is a handy utility that can help users change the default icon for any folder on their computer without significant efforts.
Key Features:
* Just provide the folder you wish to customize.
* Set the icon, and choose the type of index you want to use.
* Automatically optimize the change and provide you with detailed information.

How to Install:
1. Extract the file to any directory on your hard drive.
2. Press the OK button to launch the setup file.
3. Follow the prompts.
4. Launch the program.
5. Enjoy the customize-faster way!

“Drag and drop” is an easier way to perform file operations on the computer. However, it doesn’t always work and is often considered a nuisance. FolderIconDrop provides you with a solution to the problem by allowing you to change the folder’s icon with a single drag and drop operation.
It’s intuitive interface makes it very easy for users to perform these operations, and since there’s no need to go to the “Properties” menu, drag and drop is truly effortless.
There’s also a customizable, intuitive interface that can help you make your system look and function the way you want it to.
Why Use This Tool?
When it comes to file operations, drag and drop is often considered a nuisance by users. Drag and drop is even perceived to be a wrong way to perform file operations because it often changes the icon for the target folder and often creates unwanted files.
In an effort to solve this problem, FolderIconDrop was created. It lets you change the folder’s icon without using the “Properties” menu, in order to make file operations more easy and hassle-free.
What It Can Do?
FolderIconDrop allows you to change the icon of any folder on your computer. It doesn’t only change the folder’s icon; it also allows you to set the preferred icon index. This means that the tool can also be used to change the system’s default icon and to change the way the system’s default folder icons look.
There’s also a way to choose a folder and change its icon without making any changes to the folder itself, by using the drop-down menu.
How To Change a Folder’s Icon?
Selecting a folder to be changed will take you to the main window, where you can start the drag and drop operation.
The procedure will be the same as that when using drag and