DX4Win is a piece of software that radio amateurs can easily use for logging different type of data.
Note: Registration can olny be done by contacting the developer.







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DX4Win Cracked Accounts is an easy-to-use software that saves all logging data in radio logs, which are saved in Text, CSV, Excel or dBXML file formats.
The data can be directly imported into different online databases or printed by the radio.
Cracked DX4Win With Keygen is suitable for all radio amateur who use a radio logging device like Icom IC-7300-PD, IC-7300-RR or Icom IC-7220A.
DX4Win can also be used for other type of loggers like Nagoya VLX-4000, etc.
DX4Win is not just a radio logger, but it can also be used as a data logger. It can also be used as a radio statistic monitor.
DX4Win has some features that cannot be found in other loggers, like the ability to save radio logs in some formats, print radio logs, export radio logs, email radio logs, etc.
There are some limitations in DX4Win. We will remove those restrictions in future releases.

Filename: DX4Win.zip
Size: 4.2M
Provide link:


1. How to unzip the files?

Use WinZip for example.

2. How to install?

1. Download DX4Win
2. Go to the location where you downloaded DX4Win.
3. If DX4Win is a Windows installer, run DX4Win.
4. If DX4Win is a setup file, double-click DX4Win to run it.
5. At the main screen, click on “Install” tab, then click on “Run”
6. A setup wizard will be displayed and you can follow the directions on how to install DX4Win.

3. How to save radio logs?

1. Click on the “Files” tab, then click on “New”
2. A blank document window will be displayed.
3. Give the new document a title and a description of the radio log, then press “OK”
4. Click on the “Radio” tab, then click on the “Radio Log” in the radio list.
5. A blank radio log document will be displayed. You can see a new option under the “Radio Log” tab called “New Log”, click on “OK” to select it
6. DX4Win will save a new radio log document in the folder where

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The software is designed to reduce the time required to download,
read and process DX frequencies tables.
Our software’s ability to support programmable macro keys allows you to get
even more information.
program provides for downloading numerous maps from
the major, minor and other countries’ frequency tables. The
parameters of
the entered input for the macro can be configured on a
mode to obtain frequency info.
highlight of the program is its ability to read data
from Windows Explorer, and apply to your programmable
keys when those
keys are highlighted in the program, and thus reduce
the amount of time for downloading the information
and reducing the
amount of time required to perform your DXing duties.

DX4Win can be installed on any Windows
To install DX4Win do the following:

Run DX4Win.exe.

Click the “Add/Remove Programs” link in the Control Panel.

A new window will open.

Click the checkbox next to DX4Win and click the “Add/Remove Programs” button.

A new window will open.

Click the “Apply” button.

When the installation process is finished, DX4Win will close automatically.

DX4Win must be run as an administrator.

Repair Your Problems:
If you receive the error message “DX4Win.exe has stopped working” and
you’re using Windows XP you can fix this by following the
instructions here.

In Windows 2000/2003:

Double click dx4win.exe and the dx4win.exe window will

Click the “More” button on the menu bar.

Click the “Change” button next to “Log”.

In the “Log” window click the “Change” button and the
“Change Log” window will open.

Click the “Repair” button.

If this does not work, then you can right click on dx4win.exe and select
“Run As Administrator.”

If DX4Win does not read the file you are attempting to process or other
problem with DX4Win, contact the developer.

Copyright (C) 1999-2001 A&R Development

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General

DX4Win Activator Free For Windows

DX4Win is a software that enables you to log DXCC data such as your own

(14 Mar 2010)

DX-99 Generic is the latest version of the DX-99 GPS software for Windows users.
DX-99 Generic is an app that can be run either in a direct connection to the GPS device or via wifi.
DX-99 Generic provides more features such as logging of call quality,
TDD, F/TDD, W/TDD, DX contact info, and watermark info.
DX-99 can display the RX/TX, TX/RX, contact info,

(20 Jan 2010)

DX-100 is the new Windows version of the DX-100 GPS software for both Windows and Mac users.
In addition to the known features of the DX-100 version, such as logging of call quality,
TDD, F/TDD, W/TDD, DX contact info, watermark info, this version of DX-100 now provides support
for autonumbering and also the ability to log up to 1,000 contacts.
Additionally, a new feature has been added for Mac users: the ability to import contact info from emails.
Additionally, the DX-100 can now be used as a portable USB GPS unit.

(15 Dec 2009)

DX-100a is a Windows version of the DX-100 Windows software for logging DX contact info.
Additional features include logging of call quality,
TDD, F/TDD, W/TDD, DX contact info, watermark info, and recording of watermarks.
DX-100a also includes the ability to autonumber and also supports saving and importing contact info from emails.

(09 Aug 2009)

DX-100c is a Mac version of the DX-100 software.
The features of DX-100c are the same as DX-100a, but it also includes an additional feature:

(14 Feb 2009)

DX-100c is a Mac version of the DX-100 software.
The features of DX-100c are the same as DX-100a, but it also includes an additional feature:

(02 Aug 2008)

DX-101 has been updated to 1.0.
The DX-101 features include logging of call quality,
TDD, F/TDD, W/TDD, DX contact info, watermark

What’s New in the DX4Win?

DX4Win is a logging tool for the radio amateur. It was designed to be used as a general purpose tool for logging radio activity (i.e. DXing). But it can also be used to log any activity that is logged in other software. These include the following:
-Sending and receiving DXpeditions
-Logging message traffic
-Sending and receiving amateur calls
-Logging national site logs
-Logging emergency messages (AMBER and MAYDAY)
-Logging QSOs
-Logging IP-RTTY
-Logging emergency (e.g. ILS, ILS/BPSK)
-Logging QSOs

It comes with a flexible logging engine, that is capable of logging information in any of the following formats: TXATIMESTAMP, TXDATESTAMP, DXCC, TNF, IDN, POUNDS, CQ, RATE, GOOGLE, BPI, DATACOUNTS, PSEUDOCOUNTS, VORTEX, PTY, MT, QSL, QHRD, RDS, TKIPTY, QSO, QOS, PSG, IOD, LAC and SIOD.

Logging tools exist for most of these. But they are not commonly used by the radio amateur. They do not offer a flexible logging engine, with all the features that DX4Win offers.

As we previously said, DX4Win was designed to be used as a general purpose tool. The idea is that the program comes with a flexible logging engine, that you can use for logging any activity that you want. DX4Win is not limited to use as a logging tool. This is the reason why there are several other functions that DX4Win offers.

You can use DX4Win for logging any type of activity, but by default DX4Win uses all the information that you can get from your radio for logging DXpeditions. For example: The program is able to get the date and time that a DXpedition starts and ends. This information is used to log the expedition in the correct TXATIMESTAMP format. If you want to use DX4Win for logging other types of activity, just configure the logging engine and choose the logging engine that you want to use.

The logging engine that DX4Win comes with is quite versatile, but it is still not a flexible logging engine. There are not many logging engines that can log to the same format as DX4Win.

The reason why we decided to design a flexible logging engine is that a flexible logging engine is much more user friendly than a logging engine that has only one format. The flexibility of the logging engine will make it much easier for the radio amateur to set the logging engine to log the type of data that they want to log.

For example: Say

System Requirements:

Corsair Vengeance GS Memory: 16GB
System: Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
Corsair CX600 650W Power Supply: 80+ Bronze Certified
8GB GDDR5X Memory
Corsair 600T Red LED
Corsair Carbide 200R
2-year Warranty
ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Ti OC 8GB GDDR5X Graphics Card
ROG Strix GeForce GTX