QSimKit enables you to connect pins and peripherals to the micro-controller or add register-based or memory-based breakpoints to the circuit. Also, it comes with a stepping assembler and can help you analyze the MCU memory and the local variables.
KEYMACRO Description:
The MSP430 parts of the MSP430 LaunchPad are available from the MSP430 LaunchPad Development Kit. It includes pre-assembled kits, reference manuals, schematics, tools and a development tool kit.

• Windows XP or Vista
• WinCC (
• Programming experience
• Extract the msp430-gcc-3.4.3.zip
• Copy the msp430-gcc-3.4.3\bin folder to the PATH environment variable
Included folder:
– C:\msp430-gcc-3.4.3\src
– C:\msp430-gcc-3.4.3\bin
– C:\msp430-gcc-3.4.3\doc
Included file:
– README.txt

The project can be viewed as a description of an ARM architecture machine.
– A list of instructions – ARM instruction set
– A list of the most important instructions of the architecture – a 32 bit machine
– A list of instructions with their registers and operands – ARM Data Sheet
– A diagram that shows the architecture – ARM Architecture
The book contains a lot of important information that can be used during the design process.
The first few chapters contain an introduction into the ARM architecture.
– Using the C language is recommended.
– To calculate with a floating point number, use the double type.
– Operands of logical operators are marked with a colon.
– There are some functions that cannot be declared as const in C.
– There are no pointers on the ARM architecture.
– It is necessary to use the function sincos for calculating sin and cos in C.

The book can be used as a reference, a handbook, a tutorial, or a training aid.
– Use as a handbook for the ARM architecture.
– Use as a tutorial for reading the source code.
– Use as a training aid for using ARM architecture functions.
– Use the data sheet 70238732e0

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