Tenorshare iOS Data Recovery is a simple to use and lightweight software solution specifically designed to help you recover deleted data from your mobile devices.
Tenorshare iOS Data Recovery provides restoring support for multiple Apple devices, such as iPods, iPads and iPhones, even with the latest operating system, iOS 7. Also, it supports extracting data from backups previously created with iTunes.
Ease of use and accessibility
The interface is clean and allows you to start scanning your portable device in order to explore its contents.
After the scan, Tenorshare iOS Data Recovery displays the data stored on the device, as well as the deleted items, which are highlighted with red.
Furthermore, it displays various information about your device, such as software version and the serial number.
Restore multiple file types
You can perform a recovery of various contents, like text messages, contacts, notes, Safari bookmarks, call history and memos, as well as WhatsApp data. The multimedia contents you can restore from your device include voice memos, photos, videos and message attachments.
Tenorshare iOS Data Recovery can be used if you accidentally deleted files from the device or when the upgrade process to another iOS wiped the data. Additionally, the app allows file recovery in case the device is locked with a password you forgot.
A useful recovery utility
To wrap it up, Tenorshare iOS Data Recovery, offering the possibility to rescue multiple file types from iOS devices, proves to be a handy software tool worth having when the data of the portable device is inaccessible.
You can use many features of iOS. You can use the iOS to find what is wrong with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or an Apple Watch. If you have an Apple TV then you can use this app to find out what is wrong with your Apple TV. If your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch is not working, then this app is what you need to recover your files and media.
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Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software for Apple Mac devices. It enables you to restore lost files from different storage eea19f52d2


This screensaver contains an infinity of different shapes with amazingly fascinating and bizarre properties. It is not just a static image. Just as a real ellipse, it rotates automatically. Magic Ellipses Screensaver uses advanced rendering techniques to create a neverending flow of magic ellipses in many different shapes and sizes. Amazing effects will be generated when two ellipses are touched. The ellipses flow around each other, they collide with each other and they create special geometric transformations. If you want, you can interact with Magic Ellipses Screensaver, so you can create your own effects with the very tools it uses.
Magic Ellipses Screensaver screenshots

Magic Ellipses Screensaver Comments

Most beautiful, colorful and gorgeous screensaver ever made

2006-11-15 17:05


I have tried about three hundred other screensavers, and this one is by far the best. To be more specific, I think this is the best screensaver for a reason. First of all, the concept is unique. This is definitely the first time I have seen someone create a screensaver that can be so much more than just a static image. When I start the screensaver, the ellipses start rotating, and this really adds a lot to the entire experience.
I also really like the special effects that are created when two ellipses are touching or when they collide. These effects, combined with the rotating ellipses, create an amazingly interesting, unique experience. I am also a fan of the fact that the only “text” that is displayed is a small message that says “Press Ctrl+F12 to start or a press F12 to stop” (otherwise, you can interact with Magic Ellipses Screensaver, which I really like).

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