Bluesky Frame Rate Converter Portable is a small-sized application capable of converting the frame rate of your videos with the help of your system’s GPU. It’s a DirectShow Filter that can be integrated with DirectShow-compatible media players, such as Media Player Classic or PotPlayer.
Convert video frame rate using a DirectShow filter
It’s not necessary to install this tool since you can unzip the downloaded file and just double-click the.exe to bring up the main app window and configure settings. However, you should make sure that.NET Framework is installed on your PC or it won’t work.
The interface of Bluesky Frame Rate Converter Portable is user-friendly, made from a standard window with three tabs for the
settings, decoding and status.
Pick the GPU device and enable AFM support
The setting tab is the area where you can select the GPU device to use, enable AFM support and pick the preferred AFM mode, as well as activate a video quality filter.
When it comes to the rate conversion, you can opt for either 24p or 30p as well as ask the tool to skip the rate check while establishing the connection. Support for DXVA decoder and Zero-Copy mode is enabled automatically but you can disable any of these two options (or both).
Use external 32- and 64-bit decoders, check your status
A decoder can be enabled from the second tab, which can be any external decoder you have on your computer. Preferences can be made separately for 32- and 64-bit mode. You can also apply decoding settings on a global level for 32-bit, 64-bit or both modes.
The last tab of Bluesky Frame Rate Converter Portable’s configuration panel shows the status of your decoder, DXVA decoder, frame type and rate, GPU, VP mode, renderer, and last error. Moreover, you can register or unregister the DirectShow Filter from a menu opened from the arrow button on the lower-right corner of the window (in any tab). This action requires administrative rights, though.
Practical DirectShow Filter for FPS conversion
We haven’t experienced any compatibility issues with Windows 10 in our testes. The utility applied modifications quickly and without any errors.
Download Bluesky Frame Rate Converter Portable

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Select all rows where one column is different for another column

I have the following schema
ID | Name | Product1 | Product2
1 | ABC | 1 | 2
2 | DEF | 1 | 2
3 | GHI | 1 | 2
4 | JKL | 1 | 2
5 | MNO | 2 | 3
6 | PQR | 2 | 3

I want to select all rows where the value in Product2 for any row is different to the value in Product1. My results should be:
ID | Name | Product1 | Product2
3 | GHI | 1 | 2
6 | PQR | 2 | 3

Does any one know how to achieve this? I can do it using a cursor, but would prefer to do it using SQL.
I tried the following SQL statement but it didn’t work:
FROM Table t,