KEYMACRO is a simple utility designed to make keyboard macros (keyboard shortcut) easier to use and configure.
KEYMACRO enables you to create multiple keyboard macros and quickly execute them. This tool greatly reduces repetitive actions while using your computer.
The software enables you to easily create macros by combining a series of keystrokes into a single keystroke. On the contrary, it allows you to define multiple keystrokes for every macro.
As a result, you can easily configure macro actions, such as executing a code when pressing a key combination, changing the next keystroke, executing the code a second time, and so on. This means that you may, for instance, create several macros to open web browser, access email, execute task, launch a compiler, and so on.
Moreover, you may easily edit your macro code, or modify the list of keyboard shortcuts. With the software you can even execute a macro, and then quit without saving it.
Furthermore, you may repeat the last keyboard shortcut (Macro Execute) a specified number of times, as well as execute the macro, while the modifier key is pressed.
With KEYMACRO you may also automate the use of a keyboard shortcut. Thus you may define a keyboard macro that opens a web browser, then launches your email client, and then navigates to a specified folder. As a result, you may, for instance, quickly access email client through a web browser.
KEYMACRO may also run in the background of your desktop, to make keystrokes easier to use when you are working in another application.
Macros are defined by entering a sequence of keystrokes. Each keystroke may be combined by pressing a modifier key, such as a Shift, Ctrl or Alt key.
You may define any keystroke, and the software also allows you to define several keystrokes for each macro, as well as customize every keystroke.
KEYMACRO Features:
Create, edit, modify, delete and execute a series of keyboard shortcuts.
Define and run macros.
Modify, edit and run a macro.
Define macros and keystrokes that may be repeated.
Edit your macros and keystrokes.
Run a macro and quit without saving it.
Define macros that will be executed when a key combination is pressed.
Schedule a macro to run at a specified time.
Run multiple macros simultaneously.
Automate the use of a keyboard shortcut.
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Samplexer records and plays back whatever MIDI instrument it is after, keyed to whatever notes you play. It is extremely useful for creating and/or extending a VSTi’s capabilities.
For example, play a simple arpeggio with Samplexer’s Record on. Playback can be looped or reversed. The arp can then be triggered by any MIDI note.
From within Samplexer, you can also control many things. For example, you can turn off the arp, record the notes you played, trim the recording, or even apply a simple envelope to the note played.
The unit’s pitch can be set in steps of 1 semitone (above, or below), 10 semitones, 20 semitones, or a custom setting.
Note that Samplesxer is intended to work with multitimbral, polyphonic hosts. It isn’t designed to work with monophonic hosts. It has been tested with VST, AudioSuite, SampleWiz, Polyphonic Studio, Mixxx, and others.
Some hosts do not have good MIDI control, and some have bug-ridden MIDI drivers. So if you’re having issues, try first with another host. If that doesn’t work, try another approach (like using a MIDI patchbay).
Download link:
Samplexer VST (samplexer.dll)
Samplexer VSTi (samplexer_i.dll)
Samplexer Trial (
Samplexer is available free of charge for non-commercial use.
A “Trial” version is provided for free. The trial version has no support or customer service. You can try it out and see if it works for you. If you find that it doesn’t, it’s a one-time fee to purchase the product.


I created one (experimental/beta) back in the day (8 years ago or so). It worked well on XP and Vista, though I can’t say for newer systems.


There’s this commercial app that I’m trying to get working, it does the same thing as Samplexer though doesn’t let you re-map midi to other virtual instruments. I would love for someone to put this code on Github so I can see what the code is. The developer has given up on it.