KM-View III is a KeyMacro-program that comes with five preprogrammed panoramic camera applications and it can also be used as a standalone

Awesome stitcher Image Preview 2.1
Oh, Stitcher, how you are?
I was so sure you would be lost in the wilds of the ANZAC Mountains…
But you were found! You were found and then you just wouldn’t go home…
You just needed some encouragement.
And for that I have decided you must have a beautiful home.
I think the picture that best illustrates the home you could live in would be a postcard.

3D Virtual Stitch Image 2.0
3D Virtual Stitch Image is a must have application for those who have a panoramic photo in their computer.
The application can not only stitch images with the “360 Degree Photo View”, but can also stitch the images into the virtual space, like an extra…

ImageStitcher for Mac OS X 7.9.2 – MacStitcher
ImageStitcher is a powerful Windows program that can be used to edit multiple photos into a panoramic picture and save the picture. All you have to do is select the images you want to stitch, place them in the right order and click on the “stitch” button.
In addition,

Panorama Photo Editor 2.2
Panorama Photo Editor is an easy-to-use panorama photo editor for Mac OS X. With this photo editor, you can easily stitch together multiple photos and create amazing panorama pictures.
Features of Panorama Photo Editor:
Panorama Photo Editor allows you to add multiple photos to your panorama

Panorama Studio Pro 2.4
Panorama Studio Pro is a powerful panorama program. With it you can create and edit panoramic pictures, quickly and easily. It’s extremely easy to use, and you can save your panorama pictures in a variety of different formats, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, MPO,

Altiris PhotoCapture 3.0
Altiris PhotoCapture 3.0 is an easy to use tool for capturing images from a digital camera, scanner or photos from your computer.
PhotoCapture 3.0 will read images from several image formats and record them on CDs or DVDs. It will also capture images from digital cameras and allow you

Photo Suite 3.3
Photo Suite allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful pan 70238732e0

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• Recover system by booting into a designated area
• Fully isolated rescue environment
• Enable users to test application and hardware changes before executing
• Produces a snapshot of the system, and a copy of the current
state of the system before executing applications.
• Creates an INSTANT copy of the system configuration
• Allows multiple system snapshots to be saved
• Ensures the integrity of the system (e.g., no software conflicts).
• Isolate specific items in the system to allow safe testing of files and registry edits
• Allows changes to system configurations to be quickly restored
• Avoids crashing and data loss


Booting into a reserved area to recover from a crashed system is one of the more useful PC protection utilities. I have used this app and it works very well. I have never had it fail me. It just works.




Works Great

Excellent utility to boot into designated rescue area to recover crashed system.




Fantastic app!

Extremely easy to use! This is the very first time that I have been able to effectively recover a crashed system. Much easier than doing so with a manual approach.





What a great product! I’ve been using it on a PC for the last month, and it is fantastic. My PC has been crashing more and more often, and I haven’t found any flaws in the product.




Works great!

Works perfectly! It is easy to use, and if it fails to find a drive, it will prompt for a drive number. I’ve used it with Virtual Box.





It works very well, takes less than a minute to recover to my rescue point.




Works great!

It worked perfectly. This utility is very easy to use. It is quick to locate and recover the ORIGINAL software and settings after an unexpected shutdown.


scott f