Key Macro allows you to execute macros in several Microsoft Office programs.
What are macros?Macros are little scripts which automate tasks in your programs. Key Macro allows you to run macros in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Outlook. If you create a macro that you think is useful, you can save it as a.MWX file and install it on any computer.
Key Macro is a utility that allows you to run macros with single keystrokes. It will first activate macros, and then insert keys for macro execution. If you have ever tried to run a macro in an Excel spreadsheet using VBscript or a macro in Word using only hotkeys, then you understand the problem.
Key Macro allows you to make your task easier and faster. You can execute complex macros which contain multi-line looping, conditional execution, variable operations and multi-step loops with just few keystrokes.
How to installKey Macro?
Before installing this program, please install Microsoft Office and a.dll for Excel, b.dll for Word and c.dll for Outlook.
How to useKey Macro?
To activate macros, first press and hold the macro key. Macros can be activated using any combination of keys, including:
Any key or combination of keys that can trigger the insertion of macros in Word, Excel or Outlook:
Windows Key + Pause
Ctrl+Shift+C or Ctrl+Shift+R (or any combinations of those)
Windows Key + 1 to 9
Ctrl+Shift+1 to 9
Tab or any combinations of those
Windows Key + Delete or any combinations of those
Ctrl+Shift+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Note: The order of the pressed keys doesn’t matter. For example, if you are pressing Ctrl+Shift+C, it doesn’t matter if you press the C before Shift or Shift before C. To insert a macro, simply press the macro key. To run a macro, press the F3 key. To run the macro in another program, open that program and press the F3 key.
To uninstall Key Macro, just delete the Key Macro file from the folder %appdata%\Microsoft\MSOffice\Key.
If you are using the latest version of Windows and are getting this error: “Windows Explorer could not complete your request because of an unknown error.” – then please read the FAQ.
Included in the Key Utility are macros to open files, read-only text files, edit or delete text files d82f892c90

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1. Get a copy of Beekeeper Studio
2. Use it to connect to your databases
3. Use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + K) to get access to the Quick Search feature (extremely useful)
4. Save and load query definitions
5. Setup a connection profile (in case you have many connections to connect to)
6. Choose from 6 different themes
7. Edit the query definition to your liking
8. Choose to encrypt your connection or just setup an SSH tunnel to secure it
9. Run queries
10. Explore the run-history feature
11. Use the query history feature to find past queries
12. Sort and filter table data
13. Import/export the query/table definitions
14. Filter and sort table data
15. Save queries for later use
16. Export query definitions to CSV
17. View query results
18. Discover the SQL parser
19. Search for queries
20. Configure the syntax highlighting engine
21. Filter, sort, and edit table columns
22. Open multiple tables in one tab
23. Compare queries
24. Toggle between the dark and light themes
25. Easy-to-use text editor with full syntax highlighting
26. Set the editor color
27. Set the color of the tables, etc.
28. Use tabs to connect to multiple queries in one tab
29. Edit the query to your liking
30. Run queries
31. Open results from the run-history feature
32. View query results
33. Edit query results
34. Sort table data
35. Compare queries
36. View and edit data in the Query Editor
37. Export query definitions to CSV
38. Import query definitions from CSV
39. Create query definitions from scratch
40. Import query results from the run-history feature
41. Compare and organize queries
42. Sort table data
43. Filter table data
44. Import/export table data
45. Import/export table data to CSV
46. Import/export table data to MS Excel
47. Export query results to MS Excel
48. View query results from the run-history feature
49. View the query editor’s syntax highlighting engine
50. Learn about the database types available
51. Go to the Query Editor and run queries
52. Open result data from the run-history feature
53. Save queries
54. Delete queries
55. Remove a connection
56. Switch to the

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