■ Hide all modules in site menu, when new module was added (installed)
■ Disable mouse event inside all modules (can be reset)
■ Create hotspot for each module (can be reset)
■ Select hotspot (can be reset)
■ Enable mouse event inside hotspot (can be reset)
■ How to use:
■ Check Active if you want to be the active module
■ By default mouse enter will switch the hotspot. If you want to click the hotspot – skip this feature
■ You can also set handlers. If you want, when mouse enter the hotspot, you need to do something (even it’s any flash movie)
■ Click hotspot to open the module by default. If you want to open module by doubleclick or by any click, you can use this feature.
■ If you want to link (copied) hotspot – use feature: & href – hotspot by default or text (with link)
■ If you want to change hotspot link (by text or path) – use feature: & href – hotspot.path – your hotspot link (not the hotspot text)
■ If you want to remove hotspot – just remove its description
■ If you want to add hotspot – just add description in module (option – add hotspot:).
■ To open a module just use mouse enter (hotspot, by default)
■ If you have a lot of modules you can use this feature to switch between modules. In a site menu you have all module descriptions. Just click on it and it will jump to next or previous module.
■ Here is an example:

$(document).ready(function() {
(These examples were built by me)
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