JaMBox is a small, simple, Java based application specially designed to offer users a single-stop shop for everything that has to do with audio files – playing as well as managing and maintaining large audio archives.
To start managing your audio files all that you have to do is select the folder to scan and JaMBox  will take care of the rest.
In the Playlist tab you can create and modify as many playlists as you like. Once you have created a playlist, you can add files from the file list table by using the right mouse button.


Download >>> https://urluso.com/2mnnln

Download >>> https://urluso.com/2mnnln






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This application is designed to scan a folder and create a playlist of the music files found. It supports direct connection with a digital audio player and allows you to perform various basic operations with audio files.
There are many features:
Create, move, rename and delete playlist (playlists)
Organise your music files using folders and browse through them with the File Browser (FBS)
Add, remove and edit tracks in a playlist (playlists)
Add files to playlists and delete tracks from them
Preview the tracks in a playlist (playlists)
Search through the track list (playlists)
Create a search playlist (playlists)
Add files to search playlist and delete tracks from them
Add images to the tracks (playlists)
Find and delete music videos from the music file list (playlists)
Rename a file (playlists)
Add files and links to the music file list (playlists)
Delete the file (playlists)
Add folders to the file list (playlists)
Preview images and play them (playlists)
Add comments to tracks (playlists)
Add tags to the track (playlists)
Create a summary of the track (playlists)
Preview the track (playlists)
Create a cover image of the track (playlists)
Add a cover image of the track (playlists)
Create a poster image of the track (playlists)
Generate thumbnails of all the tracks in the folder (playlists)
Generate thumbnails of the files on the file list table (playlists)
Create a cover image of the folder (playlists)
Create a poster image of the folder (playlists)
Playlist manager:
You can easily manage the items in a playlist.
You can add, remove and edit tracks in a playlist, and you can add, remove and edit the entire playlist itself.
You can preview and play all the tracks in a playlist.
File browser:
A file browser that allows you to search for files and play them.
Import the audio files you want to play.
Add files to playlists, remove the files from the playlists and delete the tracks.
Track list:
Add, remove, edit and preview the music tracks.
Preview the music tracks.
Delete tracks from the track list.
Add images to the music files.
Search the entire image list and preview them.
Add comments to tracks.

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– Scanner integration (also creates the files in playlist)
– Playlist creation
– Filelist extraction and play fils in playlist
– Thumbnails management
– Filesearch (with filter options)
– Fast scanning
– Improved threading
– Added tagging (title+artist)
– Support for MP3, M4A and M4B
– Added support for QuickTime
– Added support for Zip and rar files
– Support for the Windows Zip extension
– Added support for ALAC files
– Added support for ogg vorbis
– Added support for Flac files
– Support for Ogg Vorbis audio (playback)
– Added audio descriptions support
– Support for ID3v2 and ID3v3
– Support for ID3v1
– Support for *.*, *.*, *.* and *.* for filter
– Support for Archive and BZip2 files
– Added support for ASX audio files
– Added support for OGG files
– Integrated filemd5 and md5sum in the filelist
– Support for WMV files
– Integrated FFmpeg in the binaries
– Integrated Exaile in the binaries
– Integrated GNOME Music
– Integrated KDE Music
– Integrated Songbird
– Integrated Nautilus
– Integrated Clementine
– Integrated AbiWord
– Integrated LibreOffice Writer
– Integrated GIMP
– Integrated Audacity
– Integrated Lilypond
– Integrated SunJDK
– Integrated Openoffice.org
– Integrated HTMLTxt Docs
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Calc
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Impress
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base Writer
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base Calc
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base Impress
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base Writer
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base Calc
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Impress
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base Writer
– Integrated OpenOffice.org Base Calc
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated PDF
– Integrated PDF
– Integrated PDF
– Integrated PDF
– Integrated PDF
– Integrated PDF
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated LaTeX
– Integrated LaTeX


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System Requirements For JaMBox:

OS: Windows XP
CPU: 1 GHz, 1GB RAM, 2GB hard disk space
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM, 4GB hard disk space
The game features a city-building and economic management game. There is a story and settings to it that are nice, while there are different technologies to choose from. There are various buildings, factories, and resources to build the town, such as an Airport,