Keymacro is a multi-platform software that stores your logins and passwords in a simple, easy to manage database, so that you can retrieve them when you need them.
With Keymacro, you can auto-log in to websites, such as email or bank accounts, and to many software, not requiring you to enter your username and password each time.
Moreover, this program can detect passwords you enter and fill them into the correct box on the web sites. This is very convenient when you’re trying to log into multiple accounts at the same time and are left with the option to auto-fill the password.
Of course, the database is password protected and you need to enter a password to open it.
Aside from that, this program is extremely convenient and simple to use, as it provides a window to select the login you’re going to enter, an input window to enter the login and a summary window to review the entered data.
You can change the color scheme of the interface, set the idle time, lock the database and more.
KEYMACRO Features:
Password Protection: With Keymacro, you can store all your logins and passwords safely in a database, which can be opened with a password of your choice.
Easy Copy and Paste: You can copy and paste login and passwords to your clipboard in the same way you would do it in a web browser.
Updating: The program will scan and automatically update itself whenever new data is added.
Windows Registry Scan: The program will scan the Windows Registry to see if you have not stored your logins and passwords in any other software.
Single User Mode: You can enter the database in single user mode and lock the database from other users.
Auto Log in: You can enter the login and password whenever you open the database, eliminating the need to enter the login and password each time you open your email client, web browser or other program.
Auto Fill: When you are filling out a web form, the program will detect the correct login and password and fill them automatically.
Drop Down List: With the drop-down list, you can select the login you want to use and choose the account from a list.
Fuzzy Search: Keymacro will take multiple key values from an input field and return results that match any of those values.
Web Browser Integration: You can integrate the program with web browsers to automatically log in to websites when you visit them.
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KeyMACRO is a simple macro manager that allows you to define complex, multi-step macros that are then triggered by a simple keystroke or mouse click. You can also associate any kind of commands with your macro to be triggered accordingly. You can also setup so-called “trigger-based macros”. Trigger-based macros are a type of macro that allow you to trigger an action by something other than a keystroke. An example of a trigger-based macro would be to have a macro that will start recording your webcam activity by clicking the record button on a webcam control.

KeyMacro is not just another macro manager out there, it brings so many new features to the table that it will definitely make your workflow a lot smoother.
KeyMacro is cross-platform
KeyMacro works across all Windows platforms. The program comes in two versions; the full featured one that is licensed and a demo version that does not offer any further features but is fully functional. For this reason, the demo version may be more suitable for users that are looking for a free solution to their need. The full version of the program comes with a freeware license that allows you to use the software in both your personal and commercial environments.
KeyMacro offers so many features
KeyMacro supports a wide range of features that make it so much more useful. Some of the features you can use with this software are:
Another very useful feature that you can take advantage of is the lists feature. You can manage a list of projects, macros, macros with arguments, or even macros that are arguments, so you can have many different lists.
You can also set up complex macros that contain other macros within them, these are called blending macros. Blending macros allow you to record an action and trigger another action at the same time. For example, if you are trying to record a screencast of the window you are in, you can also set up a macro that would capture the keystrokes you are using, set the screen resolution, and start the screencast process at the same time.
The variables feature is a powerful tool that can help you organize your project in a variety of ways. You can use variables to create lists, create names for your macros, or even to take advantage of the randomization functions.
You can also set up