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Find groups of consecutive values based on a condition

I have a dataframe like this:
ID Date Name
1 01/01/2018 John
1 01/02/2018 Jane
1 01/03/2018 Mary
1 01/04/2018 Peter
1 01/05/2018 Mary
2 01/01/2018 Peter
2 01/02/2018 Jane
2 01/03/2018 Mary

I want to find out the consecutive groups of names that occur for each ID and date. In the above example there are only two groups for ID=1 (Mary, Peter), and two groups for ID=2 (Peter, Jane, Mary).
I have tried using consecutive_groups but that doesn’t seem to work the way I want to. What is the best way to do this?


You can use groupby.cumcount to create groups and then groupby.transform to get the first value per group:
In [14]: df.groupby([‘ID’, df.Date.ne(df.Date.shift()).cumsum()]).transform(‘first’)

ID Date
1 01/03/2018 Mary
01/04/2018 Peter
2 01/03/2018 Jane
01/04/2018 Mary

The same logic can be applied using the DataFrame constructor:
In [20]: df = df eea19f52d2


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