With CustomFolder, users can quickly change the icons of their folders.
Customize your folder icon easily by using 9 different pre-defined positions and a collection of 48 different colors and styles.
Add emblems to the folder icons and select a preferred position.
Keep your collection of emblems organized and clean.
Customize your folders with over 48 different styles.
Choose from an exclusive collection of color and style.
Get the full set of personalization options right on your desktop.
Get 9 different positions for all your emblem files.
Notepad allows to copy and paste folders between two different directories.
Premium version has 20 preset folder icon positions and 25 emblems.
Fix bugs and improvements.
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CustomFolder is a folder icon customizer, also. With CustomFolder, users can quickly change the icons of their folders.
About the developer:
CustomFolder is a flexible folder icon customizer, also. With CustomFolder, users can quickly change the icons of their folders.

Intuitive, customizable and quite enjoyable: custom folder icons – which will you choose?
I am using a custom folder icon I found on WindowsMyFolder. It is really easy to customize: you can change the icon of a folder by just dragging and dropping the icon you like (provided you have installed WindowsMyFolder first).
Furthermore, the application has a few features that you cannot find in other custom folder icon applications:
-> You can connect several custom folder icons to a “Master folder”. This means that you can drag and drop the icons you like from a Master folder into the folders you want. This way, you can customize your folders with one single click.
-> You can copy folders from one place to another without uninstalling the custom folder icon application. So, if you are moving a lot of folders, you just need to save them all on your disk and then copy and paste them. This way, you won’t lose your custom folder icons.
-> You can also change the “order” of the icons of your folders. This means that you can place an icon, a document, a picture and a folder icon on the same folder. By default, the icon of the folder is on the first place, the icon of the picture is on the second place, the icon of the document is on the third place and the icon of the icon of your eea19f52d2


Locks the Windows Workstation for 5 minutes. Locks your PC and prevents user interaction. Blocks the keyboard, mouse, and touch screen. Protects your PC from theft or other unauthorized access.
Lock Workstation was designed to use the System Lock feature when run. Double clicking the application will lock the computer.
If an Administrator has disabled all methods of this feature within Windows, Lock Workstation can bypass those restrictions, allowing you to make use of the Windows “Lock Workstation” feature.
The instructions for using Lock Workstation with an Administrator disabled are:

Double click the Lock Workstation icon in your system tray. (The small little lock icon.)
You will be prompted to enter a password, which will be to unlock the workstation after the 5 minutes of locking.
Type a password that will unlock your workstation.
Click “OK”
If you are prompted to enter your password for a second time, you must disable your computer and lock it again. It appears that the Windows Security Center does not remember the password if you lock the computer.
If you have enabled the System Lock, Lock Workstation will not work.

Windows 7 Security Center Disabling the System Lock:
This method includes a few extra steps to get around the System Lock in the Security Center and Lock Workstation.
This method will require you to disable the System Lock in the Security Center. Instructions to disable the System Lock are included within this tutorial.

Disable the System Lock
Go to Start Menu > System > Security Center.
Click the System icon.
Click Disable Windows Security Center System Lock.
Wait for the System Lock to be disabled.
Return to the Security Center and open Lock Workstation.
Click on the Lock Workstation button.
Click on the Lock button.
Wait for the workstation to be locked.

Lock Workstation Shortcut Method:
This method includes an added step to get around the System Lock in the Security Center. It will also automatically lock your workstation when you run Lock Workstation, without having to do any steps manually. This method works with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
When you go to Lock Workstation, a shortcut to Lock Workstation appears within the Desktop.

Right click on the shortcut and open Properties.
Set the Command Line option to the following and then click OK:

lockworkstation /d /n %userprofile%

Click on the Advanced button and set the Start In


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