Restore Task Manager is a straightforward application that can enable your Windows Task Manager. It performs this action automatically, without your intervention. Why Task Manager doesn’t work If this system utility is turned off, it appears greyed out when opening the right-click menu on the taskbar, and you get an error dialog saying that “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator” when trying to launch the tool from Run (taskmgr.exe). It’s possible for a malware agent to have infiltrated your computer to block it. Enable Task Manager with admin rights There’s really no big mystery to how Restore Task Manager works, since all it does is a simple tweak in the Windows registry. You should also keep in mind that it works even if your Registry Editor is disabled. However, you need administrative privileges when launching this app. This essential aspect is not indicated in the Readme text included in the downloaded package. On task completion, it displays a small notification window to let you know that you that the job was successful. However, according to our tests, it shows this message even if failed to carry out the task. In our case, this happened when we didn’t run it as admin. No installation necessary The software program is made from single executable file that can be saved anywhere on the hard disk and just double-clicked to re-enable Task Manager. Because it’s lightweight, you can keep it stored in your emergency toolbox with portable apps. Conclusion There are workarounds for restoring Task Manager, which imply following guides released by Microsoft Support to edit system policies. Restore Task Manager is the simpler solution, since it takes care of all these steps automatically. The only issues are that it doesn’t mention it needs elevation rights and says the restoration job is successful even when it isn’t.

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In order to make your life easier when shopping, there’s a search box in the top right-hand corner of every product page. Type what you’re looking for and hit enter to see a list of items that match your query.

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eStoryMaker is a professional slideshow application with support for large and small images, text, and audio files.
eStoryMaker allows you to choose from a range of templates, and customize them in any way you want.
You can then combine all types of files for a story-driven slideshow, which is then launched for presentation.
eStoryMaker can be used on a variety of devices including PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android.
eStoryMaker Features:
• Maximum image and video support: From large images to those with a long duration, eStoryMaker can process all types of files with ease.
• Support for large and small images: Easily include large and small images into your slideshow using the eStoryMaker supports large and small images.
• Built-in watermark: Create a watermark in the slideshow to tell your audience who owns the slideshow, how to use it, and give them the opportunity to save it to their devices.
• Graphic template creation: Build a slideshow with ease and save time with your graphic template.
• Unique design: The unique design of eStoryMaker allows you to set the text for each slide, and create different pages to choose from.
• PowerPoint-style interface: Drag & drop objects directly from the slide view for ease of use.
• Built-in slideshow player: The built-in slideshow player lets you play your slideshow in the background.
• Run on any devices: Run eStoryMaker on any devices including PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android.
• Video player: Supports all video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF, and MPG.
• Slideshows with different lengths: Create a slideshow with different lengths including long and short ones.
• Support for TXT file: You can also use TXT files for presentations.
• Support for animated GIF: You can add animation to any slideshow with the support for animated GIFs.
• Support for TXT files: You can also create slide shows from TXT files.
• Support for audio: You can add audio to slideshow with the support for audio files.
• Integration with Android 4.0+: You can also work with eStoryMaker and your Google Drive on the go using the integration with Android 4.0+
eStoryMaker Pricing:
eStoryMaker is a trial version of the application, with one free trial version available to use. The full version is available to purchase