MARiO (Multi Attribute Routing in Open Street Map) is a implementation of the TrafficMining framework that was designed to help you test routing algorithms. The program allows you to load an Open Street Map (OSM) file and test the routing algorithm by selecting multiple waypoints.
The interface of the program allows you to customize the waypoint configuration and to select the algorithm that you want to test.









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Use the Add Waypoint button to add waypoints to the map.

Use the Remove Waypoint button to remove selected waypoints.

Use the Details button to access the waypoints, which are available in the Details window.

Use the Configure tab to configure the waypoints settings.

Use the Help button to see some tips.

Use the Algorithms tab to switch between routing algorithms.

Use the Program tab to see your personal configuration.

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MARiO 2022 Crack Interface:


The “Options” window (Settings tab)

The window that appears when you click on the “Show Options” button.

It will help you to visualize and configure the waypoints that you added to the map.

The “Details” window (Details tab)

The window where you can access the waypoints that you added to the map.


The “Help” window (Help tab)

The window where you will find a few tips of the program.

“Program” tab:

This tab allows you to access a list of all the algorithms that you have configured to the program.

Each one is associated to a specific group and it is also possible to define your own custom group.


Each algorithm is associated to a specific group, so it is possible to navigate between groups.

You can also create and/or delete groups.

If you group the algorithms, you can decide which algorithm is the default.

You can also associate a specific user to each group.


When you create a program, you can associate one or more adapters to it.

Adapters allow you to use external programs and libraries that you have installed in your system.

For example, the RoutesByFFM (free version) and the RKM (paid version) are currently available adapters.

You can get more information about the RoutesByFFM plugin and about the RKM plugin in the downloads section of the plugin page.

For more information about adapters and how to set them up to the program, click here.

You can get a tutorial about how to set up adapters in MARiO here.



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This is a Python implementation of the TrafficMining framework. TrafficMining is a framework that helps in testing routing algorithms and various city information.
The approach used in TrafficMining is based on the Open Data Description and Mapping Project (ODD&M). ODD&M was designed to help the community to index, store and manage geo-referenced open data. ODD&M was created for the purposes of achieving a higher degree of interoperability between the various distribution systems which already exist, so as to improve the features and the services offered by each of them.
The TrafficMining framework is free and open source. You can find the source code in Github ( and you can read more about the project in the documentation section. You can also read the full notes about the program and the algorithms that you can test in the testing section.
It is possible to install the program using pip. However, please note that the current version of the program is hosted on gitlab and you should consider using this version instead of downloading directly from github, to avoid having issues with the gitlab hosting.
To download the current version of the program, simply execute the following commands on your terminal:
pip download trafficmining
git clone
To install the program on a given virtual environment, you can execute the following commands in the terminal:
pip install -i trafficmining
pip install -i trafficmining-vc11
At this point, you can start the program as usual.
The program is a console application and you can start it from the shell as follows:
The program offers a high level of configuration and control through the interface and you will find detailed help in the help menu. To configure the waypoints on the map and to select the testing algorithm, follow the instructions below.
Map Setup:
To load an OpenStreet Map (OSM) file on the map, you can use the following commands:
trafficmining map_file
The map_file is a simple file in XML format, containing the waypoints of the route and the algorithm. Here is an example:

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– Multiple attributes: MARiO allows you to load an OSM file and to select multiple attributes that will be used for route calculation.
– Existing point: MARiO allows you to select points that already exist in the OSM file and will be used as waypoints for the route calculation.
– Custom attributes: The program allows you to create new attributes and let them take part in the routing.
– Quick format: MARiO can read the data that is not currently stored in the OSM file and you can quickly export this information into the OSM file.
– Multi-ratings: MARiO allows you to check the reliability of routes by using multiple values of the same attribute in several waypoints and generate an intersection matrix between them.
– Random waypoints: The program will generate a random set of waypoints on the path between two given destinations.
– Sheet: MARiO allows you to create custom sheets with custom attributes and calculate routes between them.
– Multiple filters: Multiple filters can be selected to define the fields that are visible during route calculation.
– Notes: Notes can be added to waypoints or to the routes. MARiO will allow you to calculate the impact of these notes in the route.
– Prints: There are two types of printouts for routes calculation:
– Options: This printout shows all the options of MARiO.
– Routes: This printout shows all routes between two defined waypoints.
– Generates HTML: MARiO can generate simple HTML files that you can use to visualize your results.
– Example: This page describes how to run MARiO on an Open Street Map.
– License: The program is released under the GNU GPL v3.

This product is freeware. It may be distributed with any free software. Please see the license agreement.
It is possible to redistribute this program if you make modifications.

Highly recommended! You can find the program in the program group Realtime map recon.
If you download the installer, you will also receive some free maps and a free 5-day trial of OpenStreetMap viewer.
There are some applications and games included that can also be found in the freeware section.

Those who like to travel internationally should also check:
Download: the program is available for download in the program group Realtime map recon (displays important map features).

Those who like to travel internationally should also

What’s New in the?

– the User Interface
– the waypoints
– the routing algorithm
– the map
– the tests
– the data
– the results

System Requirements For MARiO:

Microsoft Windows XP or newer
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor or faster
1024 x 768 Display
1.6 GB Free Hard Disk Space
AMD Radeon Graphics Card recommended
NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series Graphics Card recommended
NVIDIA Quadro FX Graphics Card recommended
4GB DirectX Graphics Accelerator Recommended
NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 or compatible headset required
Other Requirements:
DirectX 9.0