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Marlin Firearms Manufacturing Dates By Serial Number


Feb 16, 2019
Many Marlin Lever Action Rifles were manufactured from 1905 through 1930 as did the M1895 ARs which were. All of which had serial number C41 or C42.
Marlin serial numbers are manufactured from 1905 through 2010. The system of serial numbers was activated in 1905. New postmarked 1956 serial numbers end with a double line and a black circle. This system continued up to the production of the M60 in 1998.
The earlier series of serial numbers begin with a single line and a white dot. These Marlin serial numbers range from. The date range of these pre-1955 serial numbers can be determined by subtracting the first 2 digits of the serial number from a given year. For example serial number M111-1945-6 has a manufacturing date of 1936. Note: 1911 gun barrels are numbered starting with a 5 not a 4 so the serial number must be separated from the year number by an additional letter “A” as in M11-1945-6.
Mar 26, 2020
My Marlin serial number is 146913. I believe it was made in 1900? I know the marlin was made in Chicago. Are you able to tell me the year 1900?
Sep 15, 2009
My Marlin serial number is 3191. I believe it was made in 1900. Are you able to tell me the year 1900? I believe it was made in 1902? Thank you so much.
Nov 9, 2009
I have a Marlin Model 20 serial # 2574. this gun has the serial number stamped on the barrel. What is that date on it? Thank you
Sep 22, 2014
When I got mine, the serial number was stamped on the barrel, and I believe it was made in 1918. Is there anyway to see exactly what year it was made?
The serial number consists of 10 numbers and each number is 2 digits long. So: is the last two numbers on the barrel.
Nov 22, 2011
I have a Marlin Model 20 serial number A03851 and I believe it was made in 1928. Do you know if the serial number and the year the gun was made are on any record I can look up?
Feb 19, 2014
My serial number is. I believe it was made in 1921. Is there any way for me to determine what year it was made?
I have a Marlin Model 20 serial number. I believe


Determine year of manufacture from Marlin serial number
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