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Keyboard Macro Recorder x 64 / 7.4MB
Create your own macros and capture them on the fly with Keyboard Macro Recorder. You can also record keyboard commands, mouse movements and screen snapshots for quick playback later. Keyboard Macro Recorder is a tiny, free software that can capture most keyboard events. It includes a feature-rich editor with various widgets, keystrokes, and text editing. Keyboard Macro Recorder can capture keyboard events from windows applications and activate their hot keys when you start typing. Keyboard Macro Recorder allows you to record mouse movements and the mouse positions over time. You can record a specific section of the screen, a region of your screen, the entire screen, or take a snapshot of the screen (including graphics or fonts) as it is. It works with most video cards and monitors and has no install or runtime requirements. Keyboard Macro Recorder allows you to capture text or command line data from any application (like firefox, nero, thunderbird, msn messenger, google earth, etc.) and put them in a simple text format.

Copy the contents of a file into a different location or copy the contents of a file to another file, depending on the target location. Copies the contents of a selected file to another location or creates a new file with the same name as a selected file. Use Cut and Paste to move text, files, folders, and other selected items from one folder to another folder, or to move the contents of a selected folder into a new folder. The new folder can be any folder on your hard drive or on your network or on an external hard drive.
You can copy the contents of a selected file or folder to an empty folder on your hard drive. You can also delete the selected item or move the file to a different folder on your hard drive. If the file or folder is empty or you don’t have the permission to access the file, you can select an alternate destination to move the file to.
The contents of a file can be copied to an empty folder or other file on your hard drive. In this way you can move or copy a file to another location without overwriting the contents of the file. You can also remove selected files and folders.

Save time by creating a dynamic version of any document that’s handy for quick reference. Save as a Web Page, Office Document Template, or Microsoft Word Document Template, and 384a16bd22

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This macro will record the cursor moving over a URL in Internet Explorer.
“Macro(text)”,”URL”,”Timeout”,” “);
Example Usage:


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