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(or for a small fee) to receive this toolbar.
■ Download the MySpace Booster.
■ Optionally, you may send in an email (contents hidden) that contains:
■ Your real name
■ Your age
■ A MySpace email address
■ A visualboost email address (if not yours, you will receive a new one when the program downloads)

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MySpace Booster

Create shortcut buttons to speed up internet navigation.
■ Pressing the shortcut keys turns the MySpace Booster Torrent Download on and off.
■ Shortcut keys:
CTRL+T- “Turns the MySpace Booster on”
CTRL+T+ “Turns the MySpace Booster off”
C- “Displays the current user’s MySpace user profile
V- “Selects the main website of “MySpace”
CTRL+C- “Lists all the shortcut buttons, one button at a time
CTRL+V- “Resets the buttons to the previous state, that is, “turns off”
W- “Displays the current user’s MySpace profile
PC MAC Description:
The MySpace Booster is a IE toolbar to provide autologin and single-click access to the main MySpace website.
■ Using the MySpace Booster, you can log in to MySpace in one click.
■ The MySpace Booster even remembers your password.
■ With the MySpace Booster, you can access the MySpace site as easily as you can access your regular e-mail.
■ It’s very easy to log in or out, and clear the password to anyone else so they can’t access your account.
■ The MySpace Booster gives you the benefit of the rich user interface of MySpace, while keeping the MySpace site secure.
MySpace Booster is a IE toolbar designed to provide auto-login and single-click access to the main website.
Here are some key features of “MySpace Booster”:
■ Even if you tell MySpace to remember you, it still doesn’t. The MySpace Booster takes care of that. Simply click on any of the buttons like Messages or Comments and you will be automatically logged in and taken directly to those sections. (and it’s very easy to clear the password so others can’t log in under your account).
Rich comments.
■ MySpace comments and MySpace comment graphics have never been easier. The MySpace Comment Booster allows you to change the font, font size, colors, formatting like bold, italic, alignment, indenting, links, graphics, and smileys. All without requiring you to enter HTML code.
Create a signature.
■ The MySpace Comment Booster keeps track of the last entry you made, making it very easy to

MySpace Booster [Updated] 2022

MySpace Booster is a IE toolbar that will make your life easier.
MySpace Booster is designed to make your experience with MySpace easier. The MySpace Booster can help you manage your MySpace and its related tools, including:
1) Login: The MySpace Booster allows you to login to MySpace with a single click. It remembers your MySpace information, so you don’t have to enter it each time you visit MySpace. You can also select a default profile to use when you visit MySpace, so you don’t have to enter any information each time you visit.
2) Forums: MySpace Booster helps you find the correct forums quickly. You can select a default forum, and all other forums related to the selected forum are automatically selected.
3) MySpace Comments: You can easily create a signature, paste images from your Internet browser, and much more.
4) Videos: You can easily save the files you find in MySpace and MySpace Booster will automatically save them to your hard drive so you can share them with your friends.
For users with a flash player, the MySpace Booster provides the following capabilities:
1) The MySpace comments are conveniently displayed on the main MySpace page. You can read and create your MySpace comments without leaving the MySpace Booster.
2) The MySpace Booster keeps track of your last MySpace comment and displays the last one in the Comments area.
If your computer doesn’t meet the requirements, it can still use the MySpace Booster. The links in the MySpace Booster will still work, but it will not be able to login to MySpace.
Note: This is a promotional tool only, it is not an official MySpace Booster.
If you are experiencing problems with your own MySpace Booster software, please don’t write anything negative on this forum. There is a solution for every problem. Please try the following steps:
1) Uninstall the current MySpace Booster and the older version if you have it installed.
2) Download and install the new MySpace Booster.
3) Launch MySpace Booster and wait for the MySpace Booster to load. Click the “Change profile settings” button and enter your username and password. The profile settings will be saved.
4) Use the MySpace Booster and log into your MySpace account. If the problem persists, please let us know.


In addition to the answer already posted

What’s New in the MySpace Booster?

The MySpace Booster is a easy to use, professional IE toolbar that gives you single click access to It also gives you single click access to MySpace Blog, Friendster, LinkedIn, Friendster, Blackboard, Twitter and several other social networks.
■ IE 4.0 and higher
■ IE 6.0 and higher
■ IE 8.0 and higher
■ IE 8.0, IE 8.0.1, IE 9.0 and higher
■ IE 9.0.1 and higher
■ IE 10 and higher
■ IE 10.0.1 and higher
■ IE 11.0 and higher
Other IE 6 and higher features:
■ Download and install the toolbar
■ Double click the toolbar to open up the main page
■ Double click the toolbar to enter the full page view
■ Right click the toolbar to access tools
■ Click the -(minus) icon to clear your browsing history and recent visited pages
■ Use the Back button to go back to the previous page
■ Use the Forward button to go to the next page
■ Use the Refresh button to refresh your page
Other IE 8 and higher features:
■ The toolbar is always on the top of the browser window
■ You can minimize the toolbar by clicking on the red tool icon in the bottom right corner of the toolbar
■ Move the toolbar to the system tray by clicking on the arrow button in the top right corner of the toolbar
■ Exit the website by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the toolbar
Features of the MySpace Booster:
■ The MySpace Booster also lets you edit the MySpace Blog, Friendster, LinkedIn, Friendster, Blackboard, Twitter and several other social networks.
■ The MySpace Booster gives you single click access to MySpace comments, videos, photos, chat, music, and other areas.
■ The MySpace Booster gives you single click access to all of your social network profiles without having to memorize what they are.
■ The MySpace Booster keeps track of the last entry you made. Making it very easy to create and store a signature.
■ The MySpace Booster has rich editing features and even gives you the option to edit the HTML code of MySpace comments.
■ You can copy / paste images and other items from your browser directly to your MySpace comments without knowing any HTML.

System Requirements:

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