Easy handling of image and video files, editing and transformation functions. With the help of the Easy Macro Recorder it is possible to make a macro recording with the use of the easy interface.
A concise and efficient interface for the most complex processes
Just drag and drop the files you want to work on from the Finder into the application window and they will be automatically loaded into the system. A myriad of functions can be used while working with images and video. As long as the files are selected, you can create a copy, rotate, crop and apply any preset effect or adjustment.
If you need to make some changes in the RAW image, you have all the options at your disposal: convert to TIFF, EPS, BMP, JPEG or RGB. If you just want to open the file in Photoshop, that too is an option. Or if you just want to open a.jpg or.png file, there is a native viewer available for that.
You can also transform the images into black and white, sepia, or in any other black and white mode using presets that make the most out of the effects available for you. You can also make any adjustment using the toning sliders.
The editing possibilities are varied. You can modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. You can also make any kind of an adjustment using the 15 different blending modes: black and white, color, b&w and color, brighten, darken, and much more. There are also the random and sketch effects.
What’s more, the curves and levels tools are available for you to apply any kind of adjustment to any image.
When exporting images, you can select the color spaces to use: sRGB, Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB. You can also save them as.jpg,.png,.tiff, and.eps files.
An important note: RAW images are not supported by the application and if you want to work with them, you will have to import them into the application and work with them there.
RAW files are not supported
A lot of features for the most complex operations
A large selection of effects and various tools to work with images and videos
A comprehensive set of tools to work with images and videos
Portable and free
App supports images with the following extensions:.jpg,.png,.tiff,.eps, and.raw.
A good quality image converter
Even after editing the file you can export it and save 384a16bd22

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[BOOTREPORT] Enable bootreport/reports function.
[BANDSYSTEM] Enable system band system setting, the bandwidth can be
[BANDSYSTEM] divided to sets: Download, Upload, Total etc.
[CONFIG] Set configuration file as auto use.
[CSH|LBSH] Use a different kind of command to start up the system.
[ETH] Enable network interface eth.
[FUNC] Change the function of a user or all of them.
[INFO] Set the status of the information.
[JEQUE] Enable Join request queue.
[NETKEY] Enable network key settings.
[NETQUOTA] Enable netquotar settings.
[NETSSH] Enable network security settings.
[PORT] Set the port of the system.
[PWD] Enable password change function.
[RECONFIG] Reconfiguration function.
[RECONFIG] If reconfiguration, the [sys] will be replaced by [sys_conf],
[START] If reconfiguration, the [port] will be replaced by [port_conf],
[START] If reconfiguration, the [vhost] will be replaced by [vhost_conf],
[WORD] The function of the password.
About User Name:
A user name is only for the administrator to identify his account.
The User Name is not listed in the configuration file, and is not typed
into the system. The password for the admin account is set in the
configuration file.
About Password:
The password is used for the login in order to gain access to the
administrator account. The password can be set in the configuration
file. The User Name and Password are different.
[ ] user’s name [ ] password [ ] About Log On:
You can specify the login name (username) and the password to
authenticate yourself when you log on to the system. The login name is
a required field.
[ ] Login Name [ ] Password
About Global Settings:
The Global Settings allows to set values for all users in a single
In the Global Settings you can set the service to auto start on boot, the
service startup order, the service settings, the boot report settings, and
the logging settings.
The startup order is for starting the service in a specific order. The