PBar is a Pidgin plugin that adds a toolbar to the buddy list to quickly update nickname, personal message, icon, status and mood.
It also allows updating the current song and other parameters which are updated globally on all accounts that support them.







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– Displayed Toolbar is configurable with : status, mood, current song, name, Icon
– Exported as DLL, Single use toolbars and server-side variables
– Memory-efficient, deterministic, threadsafe and stable
– Windows (XP+) Compatible
– Ability to reload window at startup
– Easy configuration
– Ability to export global settings


PBar Torrent Download How-to :

You can make a profile for your moods and messages.

Note, you can copy the settings for /etc/PBar Cracked Version/PBar Torrent Download.cfg, so you don’t
have to keep them in your profile.

Activate Cracked PBar With Keygen with a command.
Run /etc/pbar/setup. This will generate a shortcut and log a shortcut.
Create a new profile that is both your moods and your messages and share
it with all accounts you need.
Make sure to include the shortcuts for /etc/pbar/setup and /etc/pbar/gotopbar. If you set those, they should be highlighted. Click on the bar to apply your settings.
Check your profile in the Pidgin settings. If you don’t see anything, use the tooltips.

How to customize the background with your home screen:

How to use a profile from icom for chat / text p2p conversations:

This is to show how you can use PBar in Facebook.

Since PBar will be running in the background, there may be some issue with Facebook. It appears that facebook may have blocked popups. I read it somewhere, but I can’t remember where. To make sure FB is not preventing popups, please try:

in Pidgin:
Preferences => Advanced => General Tab => under “Outgoing Dialogs” you will see “Automatic check for remote website”. Please select “Yes”. This will display a “Check” button near the bottom.

Note that if this is not the

PBar For PC

PBar add a toolbar to the buddy list of Pidgin to provide quick access to several different parameters concerning your contacts.
You can use the “Update” command, and easily change the status, icon and nickname.
You can also quickly change the current song playing in Pidgin, and the mood that is currently playing.
Bug Description:
Can’t change the update menu’s properties.


I have written a Pidgin patch that will allow you to access the menu under the buddy list. The current version of Pidgin (2.6.1) can be found at the location which you can put in your home folder:

To install the patch, run the following command in the terminal:
cd ~/.pupdatemanager/menu.PIDGIN

Patch File (menu.PIDGIN):

Load the patch using your favorite patch program such as patch.
To uninstall, run the following command in the terminal:
cd ~/.pupdatemanager/uninstall.PIDGIN

Uninstall patch file:

How it works:
Pidgin sends location of hidden settings window to sub-process.
sub-process determines how to update settings from Pidgin.
For example, it’ll open a window when a contact selects “Edit friend list”.
sub-process is writing settings to ~/.pupdatemanager/menu.pidgin.
The patch is reading this file, and appending the updated settings to menu.PIDGIN/menu.pidgin.
It then patches menu.PIDGIN.pidgin file.
You can still access the menu with regular menu button, but you can now just select “Update” and see the menus. You can modify the menus using keyboard shortcuts.

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PBar Download

PBar is a plugin which adds a few very useful tools to the buddy list of Pidgin. It can be used to update the current song and time, update the mood of the current user or quickly change the status of the current user.
PBar supports the following features:
– Update current song and time
– Update the mood
– Change the status (supported for AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, H.323, SILC, IRC, Xfire and XfireR)
– Set current time zone
– Change language (not all countries)
You can find many more features here:
PBar Installation:
1. You need to download the source and extract it
2. You need to visit the PBar Plugin installation page:
3. Follow the instructions there.


0.5.1 – 2010-05-11
– Updated to the latest version
– Other small improvements.

0.5 – 2010-05-04
– General fixes.

0.4 – 2010-04-30
– Add visual improvements.
– Compatibility with Gajim.

0.3 – 2010-04-10
– Add optional visual updates for IRC, ICQ and Xfire.
– Add ability to change time zone and language.

0.2 – 2010-02-10
– Add support for Gadu-Gadu, SILC, Gadu-Gadu and H.323.
– Add built-in updated to current song.
– Enable language selection for AIM and Yahoo.

0.1 – 2009-12-10
– Initial release.
– IP Bar feature.
– Start up from AIM included.
– View Xfire Sessions.
– Visual improvements.
– Auto update current song.


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What’s New in the PBar?

General Features:
– Shows up on the right hand side of the buddy list as a toolbar.
– Click on it to select your nickname
– Click and drag it to resize
– Click once to select the title
– If your buddy doesn’t support TATAFree, select your buddy in PBar and click on the blue icon in the right-hand corner
– Click on the right arrow to move it up or down, or drag to the left to move it left or right
– Click on the left arrow to move it left or right, or drag to the right to move it up or down
– Click on the “select” button in the top left to select a friend, or drag it over to select a friend
– Click on the “Friend” button in the top left to see all your friends
– Click on the “Remote” button in the top left to see all your friend’s.
– Click on the “Play” button in the top left to see all the music your friends listen to
– Click on the “Volume” button in the top left to see all your friends’ music.
– Click on the “Mood” button in the top left to see all your friends’ moods
– Click on the “Im” button in the top left to see all your friends’ inbox messages
– Click on the “PM” button in the top left to see all your friends’ personal messages
– Click on the “Status” button in the top left to see all your friends’ status messages
– Click on the “Font” button in the top left to open your buddy list settings.
– Click on the “Logout” button in the top left to exit.

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System Requirements For PBar:

-Windows 7 or 8 (if you use Windows 10, you need to update DirectX)
-1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
-CPU: Intel i3
-GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti or better
-3 GB free space on HDD (Recommended 4GB)
-Mouse and Keyboard
-You have the latest update (as of March 2018)
-Steam account
-Stable Internet connection
For questions, comments, or support,
reach out to dlechomp