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Mp3 Auto Recorder Key Features:

1.Record Voice and Conversations
2.Record More Than Two Channels
3.Simultaneous Record of More Than Two Channels
4.Manual and Automatic Start
5.Playing Sound Data in Real-Time
6.Auto Stop
7.Manual and Automatic Shutdown
8.Listen to the Sound
9.Preview, Cut, and Merge
10.Split and Put Aside
11.Cut and Split Sound
12.Merge and Repeat
13.Reorder the Files
14.You Can Set the Filename
15.Save the File to the Folder
16.Support the Win2000, Win7 and Win8
17.Supports Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows

MP3 Auto Recorder Support the Win2000, Win7 and Win8

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is software developed for recording audio. It has been developed using Visual Basic. It works on all Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

MP3 Auto Recorder can record music on your computer or mobile device and then can save it in various formats. It does not require any third party codecs.

This program has some exciting features which are listed below:

Record MP3 files from CDs and recordings

Record sound from device such as telephone, modem eea19f52d2

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Issues with timeout on.forEach in jest and chai

I am trying to test that a certain method runs only once using jest and chai. I don’t think I’m quite there yet because I have an issue.
I’ve tried to write it in a simple way that should be easy to spot.
I have a function that I want to run once that takes a few seconds.
function coolFunction(stuff, timeout) {
return => {
if (timeout) {
return setTimeout(() => {
return num * 2;
}, 100);
return num * 2;

and then I test it with:
it(‘should do something cool’, () => {
const functionCalledOnce = true;
const timeout = 500;
expect(coolFunction([‘4’, ‘2’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘5’, ‘7’], timeout)).toBe(8);

But it’s passing when I expect it to fail.
I think the problem is with the timeout setting but I don’t know how to resolve it.
Any ideas?


Your problem is that you don’t wait for the timeout. Since you don’t actually delay the function execution you could just use setTimeout(() => { }, 100); directly in the test instead of setting a timeout for the coolFunction() call and then invoking the function.
You could still call timeout in a second test with that:
it(‘should do something cool’, () => {
const functionCalledOnce = true;
const timeout = 500;
setTimeout(() => {
expect(coolFunction([‘4’, ‘2’, ‘