A Vonage Dialer gadget in your browser that will allow you to dial Vonage numbers. It works like the dialer that is available on the Vonage web site.The effect of context on the effectiveness of fast and slow talkers.
Two groups of adult males were tested on a set of verbal tasks in a laboratory and a group of adult females was tested in their homes. On the laboratory tests, one group of subjects were assigned to a ‘fast talker’ condition and a second group of subjects were assigned to a’slow talker’ condition. The groups were matched for age, IQ, and education. In both groups, subjects were either dominant or submissive in their respective jobs. Subjects were assessed by a trained psychologist on a set of verbal tasks in both the laboratory and the home. The results of this study indicated that the context had a substantial effect on performance of fast and slow talkers. In addition, the context had a substantial effect on the dominance or submissiveness of a given subject.Q:

Why is the verb “have” being used in “this guy has come to the party”?

I have come to the party.

Why is the verb “have” being used in “this guy has come to the party”?
Why isn’t “He is coming to the party” or “He is going to the party” correct?


“This guy has come to the party” means “This guy has just arrived here”. “This guy” refers to the previously mentioned “guy”, “he” in the context of the first sentence, since “he has come to the party” is a present progressive construction. “This guy has come” is the result of the verb “has come”.
The structure “He is coming to the party” is not grammatically correct, since “he” is referring to a person that was not previously mentioned in the context. “He is coming to the party” is a description of a future action, since “he” refers to a person that hasn’t been previously mentioned in the context.
“He is going to the party” means that “he” is going to the party, but the future aspect of the sentence, indicating that “he” hasn’t been mentioned in the context. “He is going to the party” is not a description of a present progressive construction.


Does LINQ to Entities track changes in database?

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MegaPing is a lightweight software that comes with support for a bunch of network utilities, such as DNS lookup name, DNS list hosts, Finger, host monitor, IP scanner, NetBIOS scanner, network time synchronizer, ping, port scanner, share scanner, traceroute, and WHOIS.
In addition, it is able to reveal detailed information about the running programs and processes, local shared resources, as well as system data.
Clean feature lineup
Although it comes packed with a lot of network-dedicated utilities, MegaPing sports a clean feature lineup. All tools are revealed in a tree-like display and with just one click on the target one, you can check out the corresponding configuration parameters.
Scanning capabilities
MegaPing gives you the possibility to work with different types of scanners, such as port (TCP and UDP ports), IP, NetBIOS, and share. You may scan individual computers, a range of IP addresses, domains, or the selected type of computers inside domains.
It integrates a powerful security scanner that helps you get information about the NetBIOS name, configuration data, open TCP and UDP ports, transports, shares, users, groups, services, drivers, local drives, sessions, and printers. The scan results can be saved to HTML or plain text reports.
Network tools
MegaPing allows you to assess the performance of your network using various utilities, such as DNS list host, DNS lookup name, network time synchronizer, ping, traceroute, WHOIS, and Finger. Plus, you can log errors and check out real-time network connection status and protocols statistics.
Process and system info
The utility helps you view details about all running applications and kill the selected one, as well as check out info about processes (e.g. PID, memory usage, threads), modules and services. You can track all system connections, IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP statistics, interfaces, IP routing, and ARP data.
A powerful and efficient network toolkit
All in all, MegaPing comes with a multitude of utilities for helping you diagnose network issues and get information about your connections, and is suitable especially for system administrators.

Avira Phantom VPN is the second extension of the famous Avira Phantom VPN security tool that has recently been launched on the Chrome Web Store. The extension itself is a free tool that offers high-grade security and privacy for your connection and your data.

Avira Phantom VPN