Document everything for the time to come!
MSD TopDiary aims to become an integral part of your everyday life, providing an easy way to organize and record all your memories, so you can revisit them in the future, using an intuitive interface to help you quickly get started and begin recording.
MSD TopDiary Features:
● View all entries by date
● View all entries by a specific category
● View the notes made on each entry
● Export the entry data as a CSV file
● Create sub-diary categories and sub-notebook categories
● Easy to-do list maker
● Check out all the tools available for writing notes
● Notebook categories that will help you to organize your notes into sections
● Calendar to track all your daily events
● Reminder for upcoming events and holidays
● The ability to add and track all your expenses
● Show and record pictures and videos
● Share with your friends your created diary entries
● Download and share your diary entries as an Excel/CSV file
● Insert video, audio, and slideshows
MSD TopDiary is an electronic diary that keeps you organized, making it easy to keep track of all your memories.
Share your ideas, stories, and photos with friends and family.
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