Arovax Shield is a security tool that protects your computer against malicious online agents. It can be easily installed and configured, regardless of your level of experience.
The interface of the application is based on a standard interface with an uncomplicated layout. Arovax Shield is capable of blocking Internet Explorer hijacks, browser extensions, along with Firefox and Opera tracking cookies.
But the tool can also block executable file associations and guard the Hosts file, startup folders and Windows policies. The program may be set to automatically perform all these actions, or to ask the user for confirmation.
From the ‘Settings’ area, you can disable online news downloading, log files automatic saving and automatic cleaning. Plus, it is possible for Arovax Shield to automatically run at system startup as well as to select a different language for the UI.
The software tool is very responsive to keyboard commands and mouse events, and needs a low amount of CPU and system memory to work properly, so it shouldn’t hog the computer’s resources. We have not experienced any issues during our tests, since Arovax Shield did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. All in all, Arovax Shield provides a good level of protection against intrusive online agents. Unfortunately, the tool has not been recently updated.


Trial version. Software seems to be workable and it seems to have options to control security, but it fails to configure both dns-server and hosts file (I get an error, which I have yet to sort out). There are other problems, but I’m not sure if they are related to other security tools. This would be one of those tools that seems to be really great in theory, but would fall apart in practice.
I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on this.
Edit: Please note that I was asked to post this as an answer, so I’ve re-edited it a bit to make it look better.

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