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# Toggle Controls Example
In this example you can see two of the toggle controls changing the Momentar 1 and 2 values of a connected button chain.

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What’s New in the?

“Prodigious” is a synthesizer plug-in from Seaboard.
“Prodigious” was inspired by the classic Korg M1 synthesizer from the 1970’s and the synths from the 8 Bit era. The synthesis philosophy of “Prodigious” is based on the idea of combining multiple types of controls to create an original sound.
“Prodigious” is divided into 4 modules. These modules contain the sound source, basic controls, additional controls and a visual graph editor that allows you to achieve an original sound.
The first module: -“Circular/Vertical” module generates a sound using the click-plus-toggle and momentary-on-off controls.
The second module: -“Toggle” module generates a sound based on the toggle switch.
The third module: -“Momentary” module generates a sound based on the momentary switches.
“Prodigious” has a visual graph editor which shows the samples in real time and allows you to edit the samples in real time.

“baddeadbog” is a sample library for all your studio needs. It provides an epic and powerful arsenal of sounds for any sonic project. BadDeadBog is loaded with a massive amount of multi-sampled instruments, sound effects, vocals and midi loops, ready to plug in to your DAW or sequence your song right out of the box.

“HandTapes” is a great new synthesis and sampling based audio plug-in, delivering the next generation of sampled sonic mayhem with a range of effects, modulation, presets and an intuitive control layout.
“HandTapes” is very useful for guitarists, as a collection of 10 ready-to-go presets with aggressive and rich sample content, sound impressive and sonically aggressive at any volume.
“HandTapes” is the ideal tool for anyone looking to add live sampled content and gritty synth elements to his/her music.

“Blunderbuss” is a new sample collection inspired by the classic synths of the 1970’s and the synth from the 8-bit era.
The collection is packed with a massive amount of sounds and effects which can be used in any context, from pure sampling to wild crafting.
“Blunderbuss” has been created for the endless use and the sound design in the field.

“The Agitator” is a new sample library for all your needs. It provides a great arsenal of audio, effects and synth elements for your DAW.
“The Agitator” is loaded with a massive amount of multi-sampled instruments,

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista
DirectX 9.0c
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (or compatible) 3.0 GHz processor with at least 256 MB RAM
DVD Drive
2.0GB HD Space
Additional Notes: Sound: Sound is not supported for this game.Evaluation of a cytotoxic T-lymphocyte line in the treatment of metastatic melanoma.
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