What is the need for encrypting email messages you might ask yourself? But if any of your important messages get intercepted and read by other people, it could bring a lot of damage to you. This is where Safe Express comes into play.
Safe Express is a highly configurable, powerful, yet easy to use email client.
It is also a public key email encryption client that automatically encrypts all your messages and an anti-spam email client that automatically classifies incoming emails as spam or non-spam.
Safe Express will also protect your computer from viruses and worms that spread via email. It is also very easy to use software with user-friendly interface. It also supports unlimited number of accounts and users.
Once you start using this software you won’t need to use any more secret passwords. You wont have to do any additional operations to make your email secure. Safe Express also supports drag and drop attachments, for example you can drag attachments from an email on your desktop or from your desktop into email very easily.
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Safe Express is an all-in-one email secure and spam filtering package. It offers many useful features which make it a professional email client. You can also download Safe Express Lite.

Safe Express supports a wide variety of security protocols such as PGP, S/MIME,
PGP, PEM, MOSS, S/MIME and SSL encryption.
Safe Express supports forward, back and reply email function, a scheduler, contacts,
calendar, and journal/task managers. You can export and import mail messages to/from a mbox file.
You can also create and manage contacts, find and import address book directly or from a CSV file.
You can check your Spam folder from any other folder folder.
You can attach files to your emails.
You can drag and drop attachments.
You can import emails from other email clients.
You can also use an unlimited number of accounts.
You can merge account folders.

Safe Express supports automatic spam filtering. You can install additional spam filters.
You can configure the spam filters.
You can also import and export filters from other email clients.
It supports 50 languages.
You can configure the interface to your own preference.
You can also access the hidden security settings.
You can download other versions for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8.
Safe Express also supports Outlook Express, MS Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, Outlook and other email clients.
You can also unzip the package and run the setup file for safe installation.
The user manual is included.
You can use a standalone encryption utility.
You can also download the free trial version.
It has modern look and feel.
It is easy to install and configure.
It is safe and secure.

This is just a beta version and we are still working to get it ready for the public.

Thank you and Have a good day,

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In your web browser, download Safe Express.
You can download the Safe Express Offline Installer here for your offline installation.
Run the Safe Express Offline Installer and follow the steps to install the application.
You can now start the software.
Safe Express features:

Easy to use
Easy to configure
Support multi-user
Adds anti-spam protection and policy management
Email encryption
Multi-language support
Drag and drop attachments
Color picker to make the email more readable
Password protection
Multiple anti-virus scanner
Supports ActiveX control
Supports Java

You will be able to use this software right away without any configuration or setup.
For more advanced features like changing application default settings, adding accounts, moving/copying files, change email settings, schedule program to run after every period, uninstall the program, etc., there is a feature list (also found in the program’s Help file) which you can review here.
Note that some of these advanced features require additional licenses.

If you want to know more about this program before you purchase a license key, you can check out this Safe Express review or this Safe Express informational page.
Once you start using this software, you will notice that you will have a good protection.

Download information about Safe Express Home

How to install Safe Express Home on your PC

Advantages of Safe Express Home (Home Edition)

Advantages of Safe Express Home (Home Edition)


Encryption is a technique by which the message is sent over a channel such that only the intended recipient can read the message. Email is a use case where encryption is important to protect against snooping and tampering of the data. Safe Express offers the following encryption:

Automatically encrypt all emails in a folder

Automatically encrypt emails sent to protected recipients

Automatically encrypt emails from protected people

The following table contains a list of features that are supported by the Home Edition of Safe Express. The Home Edition is intended for individual use, in-house.

Developer of Safe Express Home (Home Edition)

Safe Express is developed by Safe Unlimited. Founded in 2001, Safe Unlimited is a London, UK based company that develops software. Founded by Adam Lee and Martin Bode, Safe Unlimited produces a wide range of software, including anti-spam and anti-virus software. Besides, Safe Unlimited developed the highly-acclaimed Anti-

Safe Express Home Crack+ [Mac/Win]

Safe Express is a Public-Key Encryption and Antispam email client. It is developed in Java and has a user friendly interface with customizable features. Safe Express supports Multi-Accounts and Multi-Users. Safe Express is available in three different languages namely English, French and Chinese (Simplified).
Safe Express Features:
Automatically classifies incoming emails and delivers them to spam mailbox or your inbox based on rules you set.
Automatically delete all non-recepied or old email messages


3rd party application such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail is automatically upgraded to SPAM and is hidden from your mail client


Safe Express is able to recover any messages that have been deleted from your mailbox


Helps you classify incoming emails into spam and non-spam messages and present them to you as such


Safe Express supports multiple email accounts


Safe Express will automatically search for and download attachments from all incoming messages


Multiple users can be created within one of your email accounts using Safe Express. Safe Express will support up to 10 users per account


The user interface of Safe Express is very simple and easy to use


Safe Express supports drag & drop attachment feature as well as drag & drop attachment function from desktop

Safe Express Features List:
+ Automatically classifies incoming emails and delivers them to spam mailbox or your inbox based on rules you set.
+ Automatically delete all non-recepied or old email messages
+ Automatic encryption to prevent interception by external parties
+ Automatic decoding to prevent spoofing/malicious use
+ SafeExpress will hide Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail applications in your email client.
+ It also supports drag and drop attachments from desktop to email or vice versa.
+ 3rd party application such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo can be automatically upgraded to SPAM and is hidden from your mail client
+ SafeExpress will automatically recover messages which have been deleted from your email account
+ Safe Express can encrypt and decrypt email communications to send mail via the Internet
+ Safe Express can automatically classify incoming emails as spam

What’s New in the Safe Express Home?

Software installs an executable file named Safe.exe (version on your computer.
What does Safe do?:

How do I remove Safe?

System Requirements:

The “NUM_CRASHES” value limits the number of log files that will be created. The number of log files can be increased. This is recommended if you want to decrease the likelihood of failure during a setup/teardown process.
“NUM_CRASHES” value limits the number of log files that will be created. The number of log files can be increased. This is recommended if you want to decrease the likelihood of failure during a setup/