Seequencer is an advanced appplication designed to display each note of MIDI sequences on the screen, just as pianists perform live.
You can enjoy your favorite songs pre-recorded in MIDI files, adjust the tempo & volume, transpose them to other keys freely in real-time with Seequencer’s easy to use interface. It also provides a virtual keyboard that can be played with mouse and computer keyboard easily.







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* Features:
– Inverting, multicolor, simultaneous display of MIDI files & keyboard
– Filtering options
– MIDI import/export/edit/delete/play/recall MIDI files
– Volume and tempo control
– Piano roll display
– Controllable display line-height
– Quick display of MIDI notes on the screen
– Automatically saves tempo and volume
– Varying display line-height, invert video, transpose and control keyboard display positions
– Support drag-and-drop function, edit MIDI notes in real-time, support stacking multiple MIDI files
– Delete, replace or re-name MIDI files
– Support drag-and-drop to move MIDI files to other folders
– Supports Windows & Mac OS
– Support including of multiple keyboard layouts
– Support Windows VST plugins and VST audio effects
– Supports playlists
– Fast startup
– Restart from last playback position
– Notation display & playback – all with in
– Support MIDI key & note editing
– Supports MIDI tempo rate selection (1=24, 2=16, 4=32, 8=48)
– Supports MIDI volume selection (0.5=10, 0.8=8, 0.9=5, 1=0)
– Supports MIDI channel selection (1-6)
– Supports MIDI file import/export
– Supports MIDI file filtering
– Supports MIDI file playback
– Supports playing on the keyboard
– Supports playing in real-time
– Supports MIDI file playback & playback in real-time
– Supports special-symbol playback, including of MIDI instruments & MIDI special notes
– Supports MIDI key and note display in edit mode
– MIDI events can be viewed in list view
– Support MIDI transport control
– Supports MIDI audio export
– Supports MIDI audio import
– Supported VST plugins
– Automatic volume control
– Supports MIDI trigger
– Supports MIDI time signature display
– Supports MIDI transport control
– Displays MIDI note names
– MIDI transport control & display
– Supports playback & display of special symbol playback
– Supports playback & display of MIDI instrument playback
– Supports playback & display of MIDI tempo display
– Supports playback & display of MIDI volume display
– Supports playback & display of MIDI chanel display
– Supports playback & display of MIDI looping display
– Supports playback & display of MIDI expression display
– Supports playback & display of MIDI note display
– Supports playback & display of

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seequencer free download seequencer latest version free

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seequencer free download seequencer latest version free

seequencer free download seequencer latest version free

Major Features include:

seequencer free download seequencer latest version free

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{ Description updated on 2011/6/25 }
Seequencer Key Features:
☆Smart Array Setup
Seequencer can automatically detect all connected MIDI devices. With its smart array setup function, it saves your effort of setting up devices one by one.
☆Auto-Play Mode
Seequencer is easy to use for beginners. With its auto-play mode, you can play and hold a MIDI sequence with a single click.
☆Real-Time Mode
Seequencer supports real-time audio playback, transposition, and multiple-tempo with keyboard & mouse. It also provides a virtual keyboard that allows you to play the pre-recorded MIDI sequence with computer keyboard easily.
☆Up & Down
Seequencer provides the up & down functionality for its keyboard. You can play every other note in a time by using up & down keys, and play every first note in the sequence, no matter whether the sequence is A major or F minor.
☆Preset Viewer Mode
You can easily search & play your favorite sequence, using its preset view function.
☆Search & Play Sequence
You can play or search for the sequence you want by some text on the sequence title.
☆Virt. Piano & Keyboard
Seequencer provides the virtual piano & keyboard that you can play the pre-recorded sequence by computer keyboard easily. You can also adjust the tempo & volume of the sequence with ease.
☆Virt. Piano Specifications
☆Key Player
– 4-Octave Set of Keys
– 9 MIDI channel
– Repeat 0-100%
☆Sound Player
– Sound Player can be used for playing audio or MIDI.
– Real Time Player
– Pressing keyboard & mouse repeatedly will play the sequence. Pressing key only will slow down.
☆Output Facilities
– MIDI Out
– Headphone Output
– Increase and decrease the speed of automatic playing
– Playing audio track with maximum volume
– Reorder MIDI channel
– Record virtual

What’s New in the Seequencer?

1. Seequencer is a kind of MIDI sequence visualizer
2. It allows to adjust the tempo & volume freely in real-time
3. It has a virtual piano keyboard
4. Able to transpose the key freely
5. Generate MIDI files from the playback
6. Display each note on screen

First of all, you need to install the ports package for your computer:

1. Windows users, open your Programs menu (Click start button, then select Programs), and then choose the tab ‘Add or Remove Programs’.
2. OS X users, open your Apple Menu and choose ‘System Preferences’.

Now, you need to search ports on your computer:

1. Windows users, open your Start Menu and search for ‘Port’.
2. OS X users, open your Applications Menu and search for ‘Port’.

Look for ports. Make sure the program names are correctly selected.

Now, find the program in your list, and then double click it to install it.

In some cases, the program will ask you to type a password and then it will be installed.

After it is installed, launch the program, and you should see a large window. The window is divided into two sections. On the left, you will see the list of MIDI sequences that you will need to add. The window’s right side is where you will be able to play and adjust the tempo.

After clicking the ‘Add’ button, a window will appear with the currently selected MIDI Sequence, which you can preview in the up section of the window.

The lower section of the window is a virtual keyboard, which you can use to play the MIDI Sequence (pressing the keys). Also, it will be displayed the previously-played note. In addition, the keyboard has been divided into two sections. One section is to transpose the MIDI sequences, and the other section is to adjust the tempo. To switch between those two sections, click the arrows next to those two sections. Each key on the keyboard will sound only when you click it.

The main window will remain with you if you press ‘Esc’.

Before switching to the next MIDI sequence, you need to hit ‘Save’ button to indicate your change and continue to the next MIDI sequence, or hit ‘Cancel’ to return to the previous MIDI sequence.

You can also double click a MIDI sequence and then drag it to the bottom-right to

System Requirements For Seequencer:

The system requirements for Vibravision are as follows:
Microsoft® Windows®:
Vibravision has been tested on Microsoft® Windows® 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2012, 2016.
AMD® Opteron® or Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7 processors and quad-core AMD Athlon® are all supported. AMD Athlon XP, Pentium, Core2 and Xeon processors are NOT supported by Vibravision.
Vibravision has been tested on Microsoft