Sighthound Video, formerly known as Vitamin D Video, is a software tool that was developed specifically to aid individuals in setting up a surveillance system with motion detection capabilities and saving videos to the hard drive.
Hassle-free setup and simple-to-handle UI
The installation process does not bring any kind of unpleasant surprises and it over in a few seconds, while the interface you come across presents a design which can be described as minimal and modern. It is comprised of a menu bar, several buttons and a pane in which to display the web camera feed.
As a result, all types of users can find their way around it, be they experienced or not with computers. Moreover, some extensive help contents are provided thus emphasizing the previously made statement.
Use the incorporated wizard to set up a webcam
This demo version only enables you to connect one camera to the program, and you should know that it supports IP, USB or built-in webcams. It is possible to set it up with the help of a built-in wizard, adjust the resolution, add timestamp overlay to recorded video and input a location name.
View recordings and save them to the computer
This application will start registering the moment it detects motion, and you should know you can view all the recordings resulted in the search view (the main window can be switched between a search and monitor view). It presents all videos as a list, and you can play, pause, go to the next clip or go forward 2 frames with the help of the built-in playback controls.
All recorded items can be saved to the HDD as a MP4, or they can be deleted with just a click of the button. From the settings panel you can enable remote access, so that you can easily keep an eye on your house or office, regardless of your whereabouts.
Conclusion and performance
The CPU and memory usage is low at all times which means that the system’s performance is not going to be hampered, and you can run it alongside other apps without encountering any issues. All tasks are completed in due time and the interface is suitable to all types of users.
All in all, Sighthound Video is an efficient and reliable piece of software, and a good choice for people interested in creating an efficient surveillance system for their home or office.







Sighthound Video 2.06 License Key Full For Windows (April-2022)

Sighthound Video Crack Keygen was developed to make life easier for those users who want to protect their family, business or property with a motion detecting surveillance system. The latest in digital video technology lets you mount and configure as many cameras as you need from the USB port, HD IP, or via the built-in webcam. Now you can easily view live streaming video from anywhere in your home or office. Watch live video feeds from built-in webcams or connect to any USB cameras or webcams with pre-configured settings for easy setup.
From the Sighthound Video 2022 Crack user interface, all relevant information is accessible, including date, time and location of each recording. You can easily delete individual recordings or whole series of clips as well as create new series. You can even enable remote access to your camera’s feed so you can see what is going on whenever you need to.
No installation needed
Simple to use
Camera input selection
No hardware detection features
Limited storage
Advanced yet easy to use interface
Long battery life
Simple to use
Contains video recording settings
Limited storage
Feeble speed
Can’t monitor multiple cameras
Sighthound Video is an efficient and reliable piece of software, and a good choice for people interested in creating an efficient surveillance system for their home or office.
The product offers complete

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Sighthound Video 2.06 Crack+

Sighthound Video is a simple-to-handle tool that offers a wide-range of useful functions. Apart from setting up a motion detection system, it can be used to view recordings and save them to the computer.
– Works without any issues or hassles
– Very good CPU and memory usage
– Easy to use
– Suitable to all types of users
– Multiple options available in the settings panel
– Intelligent motion detection
– Impressive display capabilitiesCons:
– The demo version has only one built-in camera
– Some advanced users may need to familiarize themselves with the app before using it

MotionEyez is a surveillance system that was developed with the intent to offer the best possible functionality in a low price package. You can use it to set up a webcam, monitor your property and store videos.
Simple, intuitive and functional
You can use this app to set up a surveillance system for your home or office. The interface is divided into the following areas:
– Control Panel
– Recorded Clips
– Help
The Control Panel is where you will be able to change settings, adjust the resolution and even enable a timestamp overlay. You can also turn off recording if it has already started.
As for the Recorded Clips, you can choose to view them in a list or play them with the help of built-in controls. In addition, you can set a stop date and a pause timer.
When you come to the Help panel, you will be presented with a wealth of useful contents. Here, you will learn how to use the software, how to install a web camera and how to monitor your property.
Additional functionality
A few additional features such as geo-tagging and emailing are also included. You can either activate or deactivate them via the settings panel, or simply click on the corresponding button.
Conclusion and performance
MotionEyez is very easy to use, offers a wealth of features and can be used for setting up a surveillance system. There are no hassles and the program is optimized for hardware that is up to the task.

Full version of MotionEyez. We also have a full version of MotionEyez (instead of demo version) so you can buy the full version of this program to fully test it out. If you want the full version, please visit here:
MotionEyez is a surveillance system that

What’s New in the Sighthound Video?

Use the incorporated wizard to set up a webcam.
View recordings and save them to the computer.
Motion detection, channel grouping and filter.
Playback and audio controls.
Simple-to-handle UI.
Possibility of remote access.
Full HD recording (1920*1080).
My verdict
Sighthound Video is a powerful software tool for creating a surveillance system with the help of a webcam. The system’s interface is easy to use and it is well suited to all types of users. Also, the system’s efficiency is unrivalled, so don’t hesitate to try it.

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Privacy Policy:
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The app may ask for your permission to access your contacts.
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System Requirements For Sighthound Video:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 1 GB available hard disk space
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or equivalent
Additional Notes: The VideoCardz engine will auto detect your hardware at installation.
The game can be played using either the mouse or keyboard. You can do everything by keyboard except for the hotkeys