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With a single click, this SharePoint web part can convert a SharePoint document library into a Portable Document Format (PDF). Besides, it allows us to:
✓ Print any list or document in a single click.
✓ Add headers, footers, page breaks, and section headings.
✓ Set the print resolution.
✓ Set the page orientation.
✓ Set the number of pages to print.
✓ Set the report details.
✓ Convert the document or list into PDF files.
✓ Set the PDF security mode.
✓ Define the PDF files’ properties.
✓ Set the number of copies.
✓ Specify the image format.
✓ Add page numbers.
✓ Embed images and forms into PDF.
✓ Set the number of pages to print and save PDF files to a local directory.
✓ Copy the document or list’s URL.
✓ Add a document, list, or folder to the user’s Favorites folder.
✓ Add a document or list to the notification center.
✓ Add a document or list as a bookmark.
✓ Add a list or document as a My Lists folder.
✓ Recipients can view a document or list.
✓ Show items in a document or list within a reading pane.
✓ Sort the document or list by columns.
✓ Sort the document or list by rank.
✓ Share a document or list with the SharePoint e-mail service.
✓ Define the document or list as a home page.
✓ Define the document or list as a new window.
✓ Add another document or list to the current document or list.
✓ Add the document or list to a specific site.
✓ Add a new document or list to the current site.
✓ Define a list as a custom list.
✓ Define a document or list as a scheduled list.
✓ Define a document or list as a calendar list.
✓ Define a document or list as a task list.
✓ Define a document or list as a new task list.
✓ Define a document or list as a home page.
✓ Define a document or list as a special home page.
✓ Define a document or list as a new home page.
✓ Define a document or list

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One can add these notifications without additional programming, thus they appear automatically after the printing task is completed. Besides these news, you have the option to define custom messages for each format.
Additionally, you can schedule these alerts and they will only appear during business hours. The actual implementation is very simple. However, before getting started, you need to make sure that the team you’re using is Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, as this web part works with that product only.
As to the data to be inserted, you will need a well formatted PDF document in order to generate the documents. Before proceeding, you will also need to verify the compatibility of the web part with the version you are running. To make sure you do not have any issues with the components, the best thing to do is to get a pre-release installation from the link below.
Smart Print Pro Free Download Link:
Apart from the PDF conversion, Smart Print Pro includes powerful tools for data enhancement, such as:
i) Layout – This tool allows you to apply different page templates to a page or list. In case the document has a header, footer or the like, it is easy to apply these elements to the page or list.
ii) Border – This tool will make it possible to add a border around the printed page. If you wish to highlight a list for example, this border will work to make the item stand out.
iii) Header – This tool will create a header for a section on the printed page. That will allow you to add a title, author, date and more to the specific document.
iv) Footer – This tool will help you to add a footer to the page. And for that, you just have to point to the desired location of the element.
v) Frame – This tool will make it easy to add a frame around the image on the printed page. The size of the frame is easy to define with the help of this web part.
Another useful feature offered by the software is the option to choose an image for the field. Simply choose the section on the web page that you want to place the content and the graphic will appear on the final PDF document.
Smart Print Pro is a SharePoint web part that is compatible with SharePoint 2010. What’s more, if you find this application useful, you will be glad to know that the team has also developed other related web parts that can give the SharePoint platform a further boost.

Building a mobile-friendly website takes a lot of

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The Smart Print Pro component from Smart Print Pro Web Parts adds a set of useful features to Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration platform.
It allows you to send SharePoint lists or document libraries to PDF files with a single click and export lists to PDF in just a couple of seconds.
You will also be able to insert page breaks or section headings into the file, as well as header or footer information, so when printing the document, the user will have all the necessary information included in the output.
The installation is quick and simple and you will be able to customize the web part in no time.
Add one or more lists and document libraries to a smart print project and export the current list or document library to PDF without having to manually access the list items.
Consolidate multiple lists into a single file to avoid any confusion and include hyperlinks that will take the user to a specific list.
Apply page breaks, section headings and headers to a PDF file.
Choose the current list or document library to be processed and customize the PDF template with the page breaks and sections that you want included.
Smart Print Pro Web Parts are fast, easy to configure and can be downloaded from the Smart Print Pro web site:

Smart Print Pro Web Parts have already added some useful new features to SharePoint!
With a single click the user can export all document libraries to PDF.
It is easy to configure and thanks to the ability to apply a custom PDF template, it is possible to include all the information that you want.
An interesting feature is that you can change the size of the pages in the PDF file.
In order to obtain the best possible output for your document, it would be desirable to implement some kind of page break.
Smart Print Pro is easy to use and gives complete control over the printing process.
You will be able to include page breaks, section headings and headers in the PDF template.
When the user wants to print the document or library, the current date and time will be shown in the header of the document or document library so it is easy to identify the document or document library.
Smart Print Pro is an excellent add-on for Microsoft SharePoint and allows you to print documents in just a couple of clicks.
It makes it easy to print from document libraries and to be able to add headers and footers, page breaks and section headings makes the PDF file especially clean and professional.
This component

What’s New in the?

An all-in-one feature for the most common tasks

Smart Print Pro is a web part that supports the creation of printouts and PDFs of SharePoint lists. It features a vast variety of buttons and links that will make it easy to print out documents of any type.

Use the web part with just a click to create a variety of customizable printouts with pages, headers and footers, document sections and items.

Smart Print Pro includes an option for normal and landscape printing.

With the barcode and QR code generating options, it becomes possible to convert documents to formats that are supported by different devices.

Smart Print Pro supports various file formats, among them PDF and HTML.

It is possible to include the details of the list that will be printed along with the document.

It provides a quick link to the list to make it easy to print.

Smart Print Pro also allows users to add pages, headers and footers, as well as sections and lists to the documents.

Moderating the use of this software is possible.

The option to print multiple pages at once and to use a preview can be disabled.

The dates from the calendar can be included in the printouts.

Smart Print Pro is compatible with Microsoft Office 2013.

Introduction to Smart Print Pro (download)

Some people are concerned with the need to use an application that is quite powerful to print documents, and that is the case of the feature packed software introduced by Smart Print Pro.
Thus, this piece of kit may seem like just a good thing to use at some point, but at the same time it is also quite useful, especially with regard to the type of documents that need to be printed.
By now, the world of web marketing has become increasingly internet-based, but it is still not the same as using traditional means of transmission. For example, long distance calls are getting fewer and far between and even the ones that are technically possible take a lot of time to carry out.
It is also not unusual for an on-line business to receive a phone call in which the customer asks for specific documents, and they need to have them right away.
These are situations that require the use of a powerful software like SharePoint, and Smart Print Pro is one of the tools that will prove extremely helpful in those occasions.
The feature packed software will be able to print out lists of items, files and even presentations, and

System Requirements:

Software Requirements:
The Windows Installer is an assembly packaging tool used to package and distribute applications. It provides a framework that enables the developer to make the development and deployment of their software as seamless as possible.
A typical Windows Installer project requires a pre-packaged InstallShield project to work. You can create an InstallShield project by downloading the free version from If you’re not familiar with using InstallShield, check out the Prerequisite page to see how to get started with this project creation tool.